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  1. If this is not in the right spot, please direct me where it belongs. We are using Fusion Charts (@version fusioncharts/3.3.1-sr3.21100) and running into a problem with chrome. See the code below.. this is the code that we are using to render the chart. It posts back to the server to the export handler, once that returns it calls FC_Exported. in IE, the postback to the exportHandler has a streamtype of png and data looks like a delimited list of colors and values.. (for this particular test, i had changed the export to JPG, instead of PNG, but the output is similar) like this: Request.Form["stream"] = "c8c7c7_1,bbbaba_498,c8c7c7_1;bbbaba_1,_498,bbbaba_1;bbbaba_1,_498,bbbaba_1;bbbaba_1,_498,bbbaba_1;bbbaba_1,.... (truncated for brevity)" but in chrome, stream data is svg markup and it also includes a parameter called streamtype that is set to "svg" like this: Request["stream"] = "<svg xmlns:xlink=\"http://www.w3.org/1999/xlink\" xmlns=\"http://www.w3.org/2000/svg\" height=\"250\" version=\"1.1\" width=\"500\" sty......(truncated for brevity)....</svg>" Why does chrome export as SVG instead of the actual image data like it does in IE? Is there a way to fix this? $("#piechart-placeholder").insertFusionCharts({ swfUrl:"/Content/FusionCharts/Pie3D.swf", width: "100%", height: "100%", id:"myChartId", debugMode:"0", dataFormat : "json", dataSource : { "chart" : { "exportFormats":"PNG=Export as PNG", "exportEnabled":"1", "exportAtClient":"0", "exportHandler":"/FusionExport?clientid="+'@ViewBag.ClientId', "exportAction":"save", "exportShowMenuItem":"1", "exportCallback":'FC_Exported', "toolTipBgColor": "#EAEAEA", "bgColor": "#FFFFFF", "showToolTipShadow" : "1", "chartLeftMargin" : "5", "chartRightMargin" : "5", "chartTopMargin" : "5", "chartBottomMargin" : "5", "showlegend" : "0", //"legendPosition" : "RIGHT", "showvalues" : "1", "showlabels" : "0", "showpercentvalues" : "1", //"caption": "Client Account Value", "xAxisName" : "AssetClass", "yAxisName" : "Value", //"numberPrefix":"$", "numberSuffix":"%", "decimals" : 1 ,"enablesmartlabels" : 1 //,"palette" : 2 //,"radius3D" : "90" //,"labelDisplay" : "AUTO" //,"maxLabelWidthPercent" : "20" ,"useEllipsesWhenOverflow" : "1" ,"manageLabelOverflow" : "1" }, "data" : data//, //"linkeddata" : linkeddata } }); FusionCharts.printManager.enabled(true); Thanks, James