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  1. Hi, We have been working on his issue. The core problem related to this issue is Flash Player is automatically removing all the externalInterface functions (for updating chart's data etc.) of the Flash chart when resized or it is hidden and shown again or in other certain similar situations. We have tried to over-write this situation by forcefully injecting all behaviors that Flash Player does automatically. However, we are unable to fix this as of now. Hence, for the time-being we have come up to the following work-around (considering that the code now renders the chart once and updates only the data in rest of the cases): Please always call chart.render() once when the externalInterface is missing. The code would be similar to this: if (typeof chart.ref.setDataXML != "function") { chart.render(); } chart.ref.setDataXML(xmlString); Please share your feedback on this. Awaiting your reply.
  2. Hi, Please note that you would need provide the "link" attribute in the specific <entity> element which you want to make clickable. For USA map, the map specification sheet can be obtained from the following link. Ref.- Ref. XML: <map ... > <data> <entity id='02' link='JavaScript:myJS('NA, 515');'/> <entity id='04' /> <entity id='05' /> <entity id='01' /> <entity id='03' /> </data> </map> Hope this helps.
  3. Real Time Line Graph Not Drawing

    Hi, Could you please send us the sample or a Live URL so that we might test it? Awaiting your reply.
  4. Hi, Please note that on button click you can update an existing chart with the new data that would appear as displaying one series hiding the others. On clicking again, all the data would show by re-rendering the chart once again. Natively this would not be possible otherwise. Hope this helps.
  5. Add Link functionality to Marker Tag

    Hi, Hope your issue is resolved. Happy FusionCharting!
  6. labelPosition for vlines in line Chart

    Hi Alain, We have made a note of your request and shall update it in our wishlist for future feasibility analysis. However, it will be really helpful if you can provide us with a sample so that we can replicate the same. Hope this helps.
  7. Question on Bubble charts

    Hi Sumant, Please try using the custom value for the tooltip using the "tooText" attribute in the respective <set> element of the XML in order to hide the X and Y values displayed on the tooltip on mouse hover. Hope this helps.
  8. clickURL overwrites all interactive elements

    Hi, Could you please try rendering the JavaScript charts explicitly to keep the legend interactive with the rest of the chart with "clickURL" active and see if this helps? Ref.- This issue has been noticed in the Flash Charts and we are currently working on the same. We shall update you as soon we come up with the solution. Hope this helps.
  9. 2D Column charts bar size

    Hi, Could you please provide a specific value explicitly for the attribute "plotSpacePercent" and see if this helps? <chart ... plotSpacePercent='50' > Hope this helps.
  10. Combination of ScrollColumn2D and Scatter chart

    Hi, Please try using Scroll Combination 2D chart with 1 <dataset> rendered as Column plot and the other <dataset> elements as line plot with the "alpha" of the line set to '0.1' to just make the anchors visible. Please check with the attached screenshot and XML, for your reference. Hoper this helps. ScrollCombi2D.xml
  11. xml number scale format

    Hi, Please note that this is the number scakling currently supported by FusionCharts. In case you wish to display some different values, you would need to explicitly provide the same in the XML values as per your requirement. Hope this helps.
  12. Gantt Chart: align (sub)caption with styles

    Hi, Please note that it is already mentioned in our Online Documentation that controlling alignment of caption and sub-caption is not supported in JavaScript charts. Ref.- Hence, you might be rendering the JavaScript Gantt chart which would not change the alignment. Hope this helps.
  13. xml number scale format

    Hi, Please note that the number scaling lets you shorten the numbers on charts using commonly used scales (like K,M etc.). Hence, you can define your own scales for numbers and then apply it to all numbers on the chart. For further details on how to achieve this, please refer to the following link. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  14. Download prev versions:

    Hi, Could you please let us know the reasons for which you might want to downgrade from the latest version so that we are able to identify the issues you are facing? Also, in case you are an existing customer, please drop us a mail at [email protected] quoting this forum post so that we can assist you further on this. Hope this helps.
  15. fusion javascript pie chart 2d with data value on legend

    Hi, Please note that the Legend displays the text exactly which is mentioned in the "label" attribute in the Pie 2D chart. Hence, you would need to specify in the "label" what you intend to see in the legend text. Hope this helps.
  16. Add Icons To The Columns Of The Chart

    Hi Danut, FusionCharts For Flex does not support this as of now. However, you can manually create a background Image accordingly to set the icons inside the image and use "bgImageDisplayMode='fill'"and maintain the aspect ratio on resize. Hope this helps.
  17. Caching Problem In Fusion Charts For Flex

    Hi, Please note that as of now we do not have any such options available with "FCDataXML". However, from your mail it seems that the issue is elsewhere. Could you please provide us with your code snippet so that we might test it? You can mail it us to [email protected]. Awaiting your reply.
  18. Invalid Xml Data For Linked Chart

    Hi, Please note that while you update the XML data in the chart, you are re-rendering the chart to reflect the change in the data. Hence, every time you update the data, the chart would be displayed from the parent chart. Hope this helps.
  19. Flash Disabled - Javascript not working

    Hi Kevin, Please note that the error you are facing is caused while rendering the chart. This is possibly caused when there is an issue while accessing the chart container HTMLNode element. Ref.- Could you please recheck with your HTML code or send it to us as an attached txt file so that we might test it? Hope this helps. Awaiting your feedback.
  20. Flash Disabled - Javascript not working

    Hi, We are unable to replicate the issue at our end. Could you please check with the attached MCombi 3D chart sample and let us know if this works on Forefox and Chrome at your end? Awaiting your reply.
  21. Mouse over event in Drag Node chart

    Hi, Yes, you are correct. It is mentioned in details in the PowerCharts XT online Documentation. PowerCharts XT can be easily and extensively used to create drill-down charts. All the charts in PowerCharts XT pack support drill down for data elements, that is, in each chart type, the data plot of that chart can act as hotspots for the chart. For further details on providing "link" in the Drag Node chart, please refer to the Chart XML API sheet of Drag Node chart and also details on the Drill-down functionality. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  22. fusioncharts.js file error

    Hi, Could you please specify elaborately as when you are receiving this error on the chart? Please provide us with the detailed implementation, browser, etc and also a scaled-down sample if possible, to replicate the error. Awaiting your reply.
  23. How to display value in pie chart

    Could you please try enabling smart labels by setting the attribute "enableSmartLabels" to '1' in the <chart> element of the XML to avoid overlapping of the labels? For further details, please refer to the following link. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  24. Fusion Charts in MS-Access.

    Hi, We have a sample, attached with this post, which you can refer to for using FusionCharts with MS Access. Hope this helps.
  25. Set Adaptive Y Min Issue

    Hi, Please note that FusionCharts has its internal mathemtical calculation where the chart takes up the closest possible round-figure value as the minimum Y-axis value. Hence, decimals are avoided if there is a closer round-figure value available. Also, in case you have specified 9 divisional lines explicitly in your XML, where your Y-axis values would mostly range from 0-5, the chart would automatically display the values starting from 0, 0.5, 1, ..., 4.5, 5. However, in case you wish to provide a specific y-axis minimum value, we would request you to explicitly set the same in "yAxisMinValue" attribute, making anote that the minimum value is is lower or equal to the smalles value in the XML. Hope this clarifiies your query.