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  1. Spain with provinces map render mode bug

    Hi, We do not have any committed timeline for the upgraded release however, we shall keep you posted on the same. Hope this helps.
  2. Spain with provinces map render mode bug

    Hi, We have already identified the issue and our Engineering team is working on it. This will be fixed in the next upgraded version of FusionMaps XT. In case you are an existing customer, please mail us at [email protected] quoting this Forum post. Hope this helps. Thank you for your continued patience and support.
  3. Control chart help

    Hi, Could you please send us a screenshot of the chart so that we would be able to suggest you if it can be done using FusionCharts? Also, we will be glad to see the approach you have used so that we are able to implement the same if possible. In case you want, you can share your sample with us at [email protected]. Hope this helps.
  4. Want to get entity info from mouse click

    Hi, Please try using the "EntityRollover" event which is raised when mouse hovers over entities that would let you capture the entity ID and its associated value. The event can be listened using advanced event registration model. In the argumentsObject it provides the following properties: >> id: ID of the entity. In general it is the internal ID specified in the Maps Specification Sheet of the respective map. However, if custom ID is defined, it provide the custom ID. >> originalId: When custom ID is defined for an entity, it provide the original internal ID of the map, as per Map Specification Sheet of the respective map. >> value: Value of entity. >> label: Long name of entity. >> shortLabel: Short name of entity. For further details on its usage, please refer to the following link. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  5. Hi, We sincerely apologize for the delay. Please note that we are unable to replicate the issue using your code in our sample. The same is working perfectly and rendering the chart as expected. You may check with the attached sample for your reference. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi, We sincerely apologize for the delay. Please note that short or long names of an entity might be duplicate within the same map. Hence, Internal IDs are the unique values to identify an entity for FusionMaps to plot the corresponding values correctly. The Internal ID for each entity is pre-defined in the code as per the standards. This cannot be derived from external names, but can be changed by defining Custom entity IDs. Ref.- Hence, if you have the country names, you can retrieve the Internal ID for the entities from our Map Specification sheet or create your own using the actual IDs and pass it to the map with the values to render the map. Ref.- Hope this clarifies the query.
  7. Hi, Please note that the FusionCharts.dll file is present in the FusionCharts XT Download Package >> Code >> CS >> Bin folder. Copy the file into the Bin folder of your Project. In case you are facing any issue with the DLL due to security issues in your server, you can choose to use the FusionCharts.cs file from Download Package >> Code >> CS >> src folder and keep it in App_Code folder. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  8. Hi, Could you please edit the line of your code to the following and see if this helps? Ex: c.Text=FusionCharts.RenderChart("../Charts/AngularGauge.swf", "../1stFusionChart/Data.xml", "", "myChart1ID", "400", "200", false, true); r.Cells.Add(c) ; Hope this helps.
  9. Cylinder Printing

    Hi Thomas, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum! Could you please confirm if you have set "manageResize" attribute to '1' in the <chart> element of the XML? Also, please provide us with the XML data so that we might test it. Hope this helps.
  10. Hi, Thanks for sharing the workaround with us! Happy FusionCharting!
  11. SetDataURL and Encoding URL

    Hi, Could you please provide us with the relevant JSON/XML data that your passing to the chart so that we might test it? Generally, "Invalid Data" error is shown when the data is malformed. More at: Ref.- Hope this helps.
  12. Hi, We do not have any native solution to increase the vertical space between the caption and chart as my colleague had previously mentioned. The suggestion he had provided was a work-around that might not work under certain circumstances. Hope this helps.
  13. FusionWidget - SparklineChart width issue

    Hi, Thanks for the mail. We are looking into this and shall get back to you at the earliest. Thank you for your continued patience and support.
  14. Hi, Could you please try explicitly setting "xAxisMaxValue" to '210' in the <chart> element of the XML to avoid any discrepancies? Hope this helps.
  15. Hi, For the point 2, you can define a color range for a specific kind of region, like, tourist region. For instance, using color range, all the Tourist region on the chart would appear green in color. Ref.- For the point 3, as per FusionMaps XT framework, only the region where the mouse is hovered would be only highlighted. However, if you get a custom map developed, that can display the boundaries in 2 entities but would be displayed as a overlapping region or single entity when mouse hovered. Hope this clarifies the queries.
  16. Hi, Please note that you can modify the existing maps by modifying the source codes after you have purchased it. You would need to modify the codes completely at your end as per your requirement. Otherwise, you can order us for getting Custom maps developed. We would look into your requirement and provide you with the exact cost and time estimation for the development. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  17. Please feel free to revert in case you have any further queries.
  18. fusion free version does not support json

    Hi Parvez, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. Please note that FusionCharts Free does not support JSON data type. For using JSOn data, please try downloading the latest Evaluation version of FusionCharts XT, i.e, FusionCharts XT (v3.3.1) Service Release 2 with the help of the following link. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  19. Entity Click Event

    Hi, We sincerely apologize for the delay. Could you please drop us a mail at [email protected] quoting this Forum thread? Looking forward to your mail.
  20. Hi, Please note that the Additional 6 maps packs, namely, Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and USA maps are available on purchasing the FusionMaps XT License. After you've purchased, you get an additional option to download these additional map packs from our Product Update Center. In case you wish to test the Evaluation pack of the same, please drop us a mail at [email protected]. Hope this helps.
  21. Click invalid using fusionMaps

    Hi, Could you please confirm if you are rendering Flash Map? In case yes, please note that the Flash Player Global Security settings needs to be enabled, if you are running the application from local file system (C:\ or D:\) and not from web server (local or live). Flash Player's Global Security setting blocks invoking/calling JavaScript from SWF (Flash Movie) by default. So you need to reset your setting into Global Security Setting panel and enable it while using Drill-down functions and various other JavaScript related functions. Please refer to the following page for further details on the Flash Player Global Security settings: Also, please make sure the Internal ID of the entities are correct in the XML and corresponds to the Map Specification sheet. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  22. Using the Data String Method for Stacked Charts

    Hi, Please try removing the extra spaces and line-breaks from the XML while rendering the chart using Data String method. Ex: var myChart = new FusionCharts("StackedColumn2D.swf", "Chart1Id", "600", "400", "0", "1"); myChart.setXMLData("<chart caption='Weekly Sales Summary for two Products' xAxisName='Weeks' yAxisName='Amount' numberPrefix='$'><categories><category Label='Week1'/><category Label='Week2'/><category Label='Week3'/><category Label='Week4'/></categories><dataset seriesName='Product A'><set value='14400' /><set value='19600' /><set value='24000' /><set value='15700' /></dataset><dataset seriesName='Product B'><set value='12000' /><set value='15000' /><set value='20000' /><set value='11000' /></dataset></chart>"); Please check with the attached HTML file for your reference. Hope this helps. StackedChart.html
  23. FCExporter Sometimes Give An Error

    Hi, Could you please let us know the value you are passing to the "exportHandler" attribute in the JSON data? Awaiting your reply.
  24. Set NLS to german (DE) instead of english (EN)

    Hi, Could you please try setting "," as the value for the "inDecimalSeparator" attribute in the <chart> element of the XML and see if this helps? Ex: <chart ... inDecimalSeparator=',' ...> For further details on the input number formatting, please refer to the following link. Ref.- Hope this helps.
  25. Hi, Glad that your issue is resolved. Happy FusionCharting!