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  1. y axis max/min

    Thank you Akash, this solved my problem and it works well. I appreciate your responses! TP
  2. y axis max/min

    Hi Akash, Thanks for the response. Is there a way to have the numerator and denominator value in the hover over box without those data sets being charted on the graph? That would meet my need. Thanks! TP
  3. y axis max/min

    Hi, I am trying to create a line chart and need to set y axis max and min values explicitly. I have three data series in the chart. A numerator, a denominator, and a metric which is equal to (numerator/denominator)*100. My numerator values are very high (~1000000) and denominator value is very high too (~850000) with the metric value always being less than 100 (In this example it would equal 85). Because the numerator and denominatorvalues are very high, the scale on the y axis is way out of whack. I don't need to see the lines for numerator and denominator, only have their values in the hover over when hovering over the points on the metric line. Therefore if I could force the scale on the y axis to something like this it would be perfect: chart.yaxisminValue = -50 chart.yaxismaxValue = 150 I can set these chart attributes in the JavaScript and it works fine with only the metric value in the chart. However, when I add my numerator and denominator data it overrides the manual setting of the y axis max/mins and goes out of whack again. Is there a way to not allow the automatic override of the yaxis max/mins? Again, the lines for this data falling out of visibility is not an issue. Thanks! TP