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  1. Pie Chart Chart Size and Label Position in side Pie

    Hi Akash, Thanks a lot for information and it is going to be very helpful. I would also need few more details: Will it be practical to add Labels in Pie using annotation as we may not be able to find out start and end of related pie slot in case of dynamic data? Is there any way to have pieRadius in percentage so we can control it in responsive application? Thanks and Regards, Imran
  2. We would like to adjust following things in Pie Chart in our React Application: We want to show Labels inside Pie instead of in Chart space area with anchors. Increase Pie Size in the chart and to reduce the extra space all around. We tried to use Padding and Margin properties, but they work only up to some level. It will be great if we can find if it is possible to achieve these in fusion charts.