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  1. Render two charts in PHP?

    I figured it out, my two charts were using the same ID....oops. Thanks anyway!
  2. I have set up two column2d fusion charts in PHP. I can confirm they both work independently. In my code I call them $columnChart1 and $columnChart. In php if I do: $columnChart->render(); I can see the first chart. If I do: $columnChart1->render(); I can see the second chart. If I do both renders back to back, it will only render the first chart ie: $columnChart->render(); $columnChart1->render(); In that case only columnChart appears. If I do it in reverse: $columnChart1->render(); $columnChart->render(); In this case I only see the second chart, only columnChart1 appears. How can I make both charts render on the same page? Thanks for any assistance!