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  1. AngularJS Charts Shrinked

    Hello! Me and my team are building a dashboard page with charts. We r using AngularJS integration and use ajax to bring the data that will feed the charts. The Fusion Chart component now presents a behavior that seems erratic. We built the entire page and it were working nicely. But in the day next, when we opened the system again, without anyone changed anything, charts render shrinked and unreadable. I am attaching a print of the page. I already searched in web in order to understand the causes, but the only thing that i found was a thread about a flash implementation which passes data throug flashvars. In that post, the guy solved the problem passing width and height within the updated dataset. I tried this unsuccessfully. Please help me out, because i am stuck for some days already, without knowing what is causing this. Everything seems right in place. Thanks in advance. Regards!