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  1. Broken area after a navigation with Angular

    Hi, FusionTime chart Smartly shows aggregate data on the time axis. In your sample may be June 06,2019 will be having multiple data for that particular day so aggregation calculation was done and shown accordingly. However, you can change the aggregation function from average to any of the following: Sum Average Min Max First Last Please refer this below doc link to understand more about Data Aggregation in FusionTime charts. Thanks Navdeep Singh Othee
  2. How to Not show colors of series which value is 0

    Hi, You can set alpha to 0 at data level for the plots where the value is zero and you dont want it to be shown on chart. Refer this sample, And if you want to hide the complete series you can set alpha:0 at dataset level for that particular series. Share your observations,let us know if that suits your requirement. Thanks, Navdeep Singh Othee