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  1. Perhaps a mistake but sample chart doesn't work... at this moment This part seems to be a mistake, property of the chart are mixed with category items, but also removing it it doesn't render. Can you show me something of working? { "category": [ { "label": "Mon" }, { "label": "Tue" }, { "label": "Wed" }, { "vline": "true", "lineposition": "0", "color": "#6baa01", "labelHAlign": "center", "labelPosition": "0", "label": "National holiday", "dashed":"1" }, { "label": "Thu" }, { "label": "Fri" }, { "label": "Sat" }, { "label": "Sun" }
  2. Hi Prerana I've the same problem, more series of data and the need to rescale chart on Y axis after than the user has hidden the unuseful series (we can't do this previusly because we can't know what hide exactly). I'm using the zoomline chart under IBM Rational Developer for i 9.5. Ver 3.9.0 (charts in my edition). The example in zip file one time downloaded is empty (0 bytes), is possibile restore it for download? Also the fiddle chart is unavailable. Do you can help in some way? Thanks for help!