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  1. Download Chart Parameters

    Dear Fusion Charts Support, We are using the .NET version of server side chart downloading: FCExporter.aspx We have made some changes to this script, to add branding, disclaimers, contact information, etc., to the downloaded chart, for syndication purposes. We understand that our modified export script won't be supported by Fusion Charts, but we are looking for a way to pass some parameters to the script from JS, to alter its behavior depending on what parameters are passed. Can that be done, and if so, how? Thanks,
  2. Dear Fusion Carts Support, Since upgrading from FusionCharts 3.1 to 3.2, we are now receiving the error: FusionCharts.js:15Error: Error calling method on NPObject! (as reported by both FireFox and Safari), and FusionCharts.js:15 as the source of the error. Using the SWFs and FusionCharts.js from 3.1 renders the exact same chart correctly and without any error. Any ideas as to what may be causing this, or how to troubleshoot it? Thanks, Dave.
  3. Dear Fusion Charts, Can you please provide an answer to this topic: http://forum.fusioncharts.com/topic/7835-number-truncation-on-x-axis/ I am trying to rotate/slant the X-axis labels, but it does not appear to be working, and the X-axis labels are still displaying horizonatally. I have posted the full XML under that topic. The alternative would be to adjust the canvas so that the number is not "hidden" by the canvas, but I'm not sure how to do that either. I look forward to this issue, as the answer that was provided is not working. Thanks, Dave.
  4. Dear Fusion Charts Support, Please advise as to what we need to do in order to reliably display Russian characters (Cyrillic) in chart titles and labels. We have a Russian user who has entered Russian characters into our database, which is generating Russian characters in the XML, and he is telling us that it is displaying correctly for him (in Russia). However, in the US, when we display the same charts, they are not rendering properly, and the text is a garbled mess of Western accented characters (in the US). Our browsers are configured to display Russian characters (since other Russian pages display correctly), but when we view the Flash charts with Russian characters in the US (and presumably other places outside of Russia), the Russian characters are garbled. I have set the page to use the UTF-8 character set, but not sure what else is required. Thanks, Dave.
  5. Number Truncation On X-Axis

    Well, it would be better if we could get the values to display properly, say by extending the right-most whitespace on that chart, but it sounds like that is not possible? I've discussed the label rotate/slant with my client, and they are not thrilled with the idea, but I think they will live with it. However, I can't seem to get the labels to rotate+slant. The labels are still displaying horizontal, and the last value is being truncated (ok, hidden): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <chart caption='Giving (US$)' paletteColors='DC6900,E58F40,EDB47F,F6DABF,FBF0E5' bgColor='FFFFFF' numberSuffix='' toolTipBGColor='DC6900' toolTipBorderColor='FFFFFF' seriesNameInToolTip='0' showBorder='0' xAxisName='' yAxisName='' showValues='0' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1' formatNumberScale='0' showLegend='1' legendBorderColor='FFFFFF' legendShadow='0' legendPosition='BOTTOM' canvasBorderColor='FFFFFF' showAlternateHGridColor='0' showAlternateVGridColor='0' plotGradientcolor='' logoURL='' logoPosition='' logoAlpha=''> <styles> <definition> <style name='myToolTip' type='font' font='Arial' size='12' color='FFFFFF'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='ToolTip' styles='myToolTip'/> </application> </styles> <categories> <category label='FY10'/> <category label='FY09'/> <category label='FY08'/> </categories> <dataset seriesName=''> <set value='53500000' toolText='53,500,000' label='53,500,000'/> <set value='54000000' toolText='54,000,000' label='54,000,000'/> <set value='51000000' toolText='51,000,000' label='51,000,000'/> </dataset> </chart> Any ideas? I've tried specifying the label in the set value and not (permitting Fusion Charts to use the value), spelling rotate both 'Rotate' and 'ROTATE' (not sure if case matters, but I see it spelled both ways in the on-line doc), and have tried specifying either just labelDisplay='Rotate' or just slantLabels='1', and nothing I've tired seems to work: the labels keep displaying horizontally. Please advise. Also, this is a bar chart, if that helps. Thanks, Dave.
  6. Dear Fusion Support, My client has requested that numbers not be "scaled" to K (Kilo) and M (Mega), but that we display the full number as-is on some charts. I have used formatNumberScale='0', which does indeed get rid of the scaling to K and M. However, in every single chart, the last digit of the last X-axis value gets truncated. If I make the chart wider, the chart gets, well, wider, but the number still gets truncated. Assuming that I don't want to slant the X-axis values, or make them vertical, what can I do in order to make sure that the last (right-most) X-axis value does not get truncated on the chart? Thanks, Dave.
  7. Eliminate Rounded Edges On Pie + Doughnut

    Yes, shadowing then! One of my biggest challenges in using this (excellent) product is not knowing what to call all of the numerous visual elements! To me it is a 3D effect of rounded edges. But yes, I think we're talking about the same thing.
  8. Dear Fusion Support, My client has object to the slight "rounding" of the edges on pie and doughnut charts. They believe it makes it look a bit '3-D', although I am using the 2D Flash. Their branding requires charts to look completely flat. I can't seem to find a parameter that affects that (don't believe it is gradient? and edge attributes don't appear to affect it?). Is it possible to eliminated the rounded edges and render pies and doughnuts completely flat? Apologies if this is a previously asked question, as I believe I may have asked it during the time of the old forums / new forums conversion, but I don't believe I ever saw and answer, and I can't find the question in the current system. Thanks, Dave.
  9. The title and summary basically says it: if I include a logo where the image resides on the same server as where FCExport is running, then I get a proper download (JPEG or PDF). If the logo image resides on a different server as were FCExport is running, I still get a download (progress bar moves across) and a file is created, but the image is blank (white graphic or white PDF). In both cases - no matter where the logo image resides - the logo is properly displayed on the chart. The location of the logo image seems only to affect downloading using FCExport. I understand that Flash has security limitations, so I tried creating a crossdoman.xml at the root of the server where logo graphic resides, but that did not help. Since I'm not entirely sure how the crossdomain.xml file works, I also tried installing it on the server running FCExport. Neither one worked. Below is the XML from my crossdomain.xml file, where domain1.com is the domain where FCExport is running and domain2.com is where the logo image resides. I could post the XML from my charts, but since it works if both FCExport and the logo are on the same phsyical server, I believe I have the FusionCharts XML correct, and just need to figure out Flash security. Unless you have any other ideas? Thanks! <?xml version="1.0"?> <cross-domain-policy> <allow-access-from domain="*.domain1.com" /> <allow-access-from domain="*.domain2.com" /> </cross-domain-policy>
  10. Wrapping Y-Axis labels

    Thanks! That did the trick!
  11. Wrapping Y-Axis labels

    Dear Fusion Support, I have a bar chart with very long Y-axis label. Unfortunately, the labels take over most of the chart, leaving little room for the canvas. I have attached a sample chart, so that you can see what I am talking about. Is it possible to get the Y-axis labels to wrap, so that they take less room? Ideally, I'd like to be able to control the entire area between the left of the canvas and the left border of the entire chart chart, such that I can define a fixed size, and the Y-axis labels will automatically wrap to fit in that space. I see that there are various options for wrapping, staggering, etc., X-axis labels, but I can't find anything for Y-axis labels. Any ideas? Thanks! Dave.
  12. Saving Fusion Chart as Graphic

    OK, digging a bit deeper, I see there is a difference between exporting images in 3.0.x and 3.1, the latter using FCExporter.*. I have those scripts, and I'm now reading the doc for 3.1, so I think I now how have what I need. Sorry for the distraction, I was confused because I originally found the following KB article: http://www.fusioncharts.com/KB/article.aspx?id=10025 which only covers 3.0.x, and doesn't mention that for 3.1 you have a completely different process.
  13. I am very interested in testing the functionality of saving a Fusion Chart as a graphic. However, I cannot seem to find the script referenced on your site (FusionChartsSve.aspx?). Below are all of the .aspx files that I received in the download zip. It appears from the on-line doc and forum that I should already have this in the package I downloaded. Can you please adivse if it is included in the Fusion Charts V3 evaluation download? And is FCExporter the 'new' version for this, or is this something completely different? Thanks, Dave. ./Code/C#/ArrayExample/Combination.aspx ./Code/C#/ArrayExample/MultiSeries.aspx ./Code/C#/ArrayExample/SingleSeries.aspx ./Code/C#/ArrayExample/Stacked.aspx ./Code/C#/BasicExample/BasicChart.aspx ./Code/C#/BasicExample/BasicDataXML.aspx ./Code/C#/BasicExample/dataXML.aspx ./Code/C#/BasicExample/MultiChart.aspx ./Code/C#/BasicExample/SimpleChart.aspx ./Code/C#/DBExample/BasicDBExample.aspx ./Code/C#/DB_dataURL/Default.aspx ./Code/C#/DB_dataURL/PieData.aspx ./Code/C#/DB_DrillDown/Default.aspx ./Code/C#/DB_DrillDown/Detailed.aspx ./Code/C#/DB_JS/Default.aspx ./Code/C#/DB_JS_dataURL/Default.aspx ./Code/C#/DB_JS_dataURL/FactoryData.aspx ./Code/C#/Default.aspx ./Code/C#/FormBased/Default.aspx ./Code/C#/MasterPage_Example/Default.aspx ./Code/C#/UpdatePanel/Sample1.aspx ./Code/C#/UpdatePanel/Sample2.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/ArrayExample/Combination.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/ArrayExample/MultiSeries.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/ArrayExample/SingleSeries.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/ArrayExample/Stacked.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/BasicExample/BasicChart.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/BasicExample/BasicDataXML.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/BasicExample/dataXML.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/BasicExample/MultiChart.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/BasicExample/SimpleChart.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/DBExample/BasicDBExample.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/DB_dataURL/Default.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/DB_dataURL/PieData.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/DB_DrillDown/Default.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/DB_DrillDown/Detailed.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/DB_JS/Default.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/DB_JS_dataURL/Default.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/DB_JS_dataURL/FactoryData.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/Default.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/FormBased/Default.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/Masterpage_Example/Default.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/UpdatePanel/Sample1.aspx ./Code/VB_NET/UpdatePanel/Sample2.aspx ./ExportHandlers/ASP_Net/FCExporter.aspx
  14. Default color list for plot data

    Sorry, yes, that is what I was looking for! I did read the on-line doc, but was getting the 'palette' and 'palletColors' attributes confused ... sorry, my bad!
  15. Is it possible to define the plot colors at the <chart/> level, and not within each <dataset/> element? If so, this would be a matter of (considerable) convenience for us, since the XML will be generated programatically, and we would like to keep the chart definition separate from the data definition. I know how to use the 'color' attribute within each <dataset/> to define the color of each plot, and that works file. What I am asking is whether it is possible to define a list of colors at the <chart/> level, so that the first <dataset/> is assigned the first color, the second <dataset/> is assigned the second color, and so on. Thanks.