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  1. Hi Shamasis, Thanks for the update. Two common ways of implementing this that I would suggest is either making your own attributes/classes for the TR/TD's or having json chartAttribute {rowForDY: references the row by name or #} then using jquery you could create the XML using the correct selectors. I prefer the latter moving everything to JSON options. Thoughts? Thanks, Graham If you like either of these methods, I will try to add this in to the functionality.
  2. There is not dataset element for an html table, unless i am miss understanding you. The type is MSColumn3DLineDY and swf file is FCF_MSColumn3DLineDY.swf . According the documentation this is compatible for html tables. $ ('#userTable2').insertFusionCharts({ : "../script/custom/jui/Charts/", type: "MSColumn3DLineDY" width: "400", height: "300", data: "#personnelChart2", dataFormat:"HTMLTable", wMode: "transparent"});
  3. How do you reference the line tr. I tried renderAs="Line" in tr tag. I assumed it was a chartoption, just not sure what it is.
  4. The reason i pass in data and dataFormat was because I was just editing the HTML chart example. Maybe you should consider updating the example next release? I also must have misread the docs it felt like the only method for HTML was the convert method. Thanks for the help, Graham
  5. So I have been playing around with this for a couple of days now and I have been working with the debug adding features as I see fit. Obviously my implementation is probably not the best way for coding them, but I do wish to share them with you. Is this place to do such things? I very close to a full integration to jquery Grid and jquery for fusion charts. I am just working on the labels and extracting them from the div. Thanks, Graham One thing I did add is an option to append so you could move the chart where you desired. I tried referencing my desired location in the intial select. see below. $('#myNewPlace').convertToFusionCharts({ swfPath: "../Charts/", type: "MSColumn3D", data: "#myHTMLTable", dataFormat: "HTMLTable"//, //append:'myNewPlace' }); Here is my version $('#myHTMLTable').convertToFusionCharts({ swfPath: "../Charts/", type: "MSColumn3D", data: "#myHTMLTable", dataFormat: "HTMLTable", append:'myNewPlace' }); Change convertToFusionCharts in jquery-fusion-charts and add the following if block if(options.append!='')// added an append location if you want to move your chart { $('#'+options.append).append(context); } else{ // Append division before the table o.before(context); } Hope this helps.