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  1. ok we've finally figured this out, so posting it for those users who may have the same problem. The problem is that a "no-cache" HTTP header was being sent down for the .swf file. Tomcat adds the "No-cache" directives to the Pragma and Cache-Control HTTP headers when a client retrieves a file from within a context in Tomcat that is protected by a security constraint. The solution was just to remove the sending of the "no-cache" header via using a servlet to serve up the .swf files (You can also stop tomcat from sending down the 'no-cache' headers as well) the solution is summarised from here[email protected]/msg151294.html
  2. thanks Srividya, but unfortunately no, still doesn't work, the relevant part of the html now looks like this: Have tested the change you suggested with firefox and it still works, with IE we're still getting the "Movie not Loaded" error. Unless there are any other suggestions we might have to try another flash product, it's a shame as Fusion Charts it's a really good product and we've already spent $200 on the developer edition. But if it doesn't work with IE we'll have to move onto something else. Regards Alan
  3. Hi, I've read in the forums and the doco that if I use Fusion charts over SSL then in order for it to work with Internet Explorer, I'd need to add the following to the http headers: This still doesn't work for me - I get the "Movie not Loaded" message in the flash player. My code is really simple: html code Where "demodatadownload" is a servlet which takes in the name of the xml data file to send back to the browser, I have verified the following: 1) Everything works in firefox 2) the servlet is generating http headers of the form: Pragma: public Cache-Control: cache, must-revalidate So I'm stumped, what am I missing here? Thanks Al