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  1. Set the chart property of the "linkedchart" dynamically

    Thanks Ayan for your feedback ! Well I managed to figure it out. I done this on an event named "linkedChartInvoked" "events": { "linkedChartInvoked": function (evt, data) { var mapname = data.clickedEntity.config.label.toString().toLowerCase(); var chartObj = FusionCharts("map-" + mapname.replace(/ /g, '')); chartObj.setJSONData(getLinkedChartData(mapname); //Populate the data for the linked chart. var chartData = chartObj.getJSONData()['data']; // Just to check if the data is being populated. }, } var getLinkedChartData = function (state) { var chartdata; var districts = []; // got the requird data from the database and //-- // -- $.each(result.detail, function (key, value) { districts.push({ "id": "id of the linked chart", "value": "yourvalue", "color": "yourcolor", "fontColor": "fontcolor", }); chartdata = { "data": districts, "chart": { "caption": "Caption", "subcaption": "Sub caption", "showLabels": "1", "entityFillColor": "#FFFFFF", "theme": "fusion", "showBorder": "1", "bordercolor": "#5c5c5c", "entityborderThickness": "1", "nullEntityColor": "#FFFFFF", "entityFillColor": "#E82727", "entityFillHoverColor": "#FFFFFF", "baseFontSize": "10", "showLegend": "0", "dataLoadStartMessage": "Please wait, chart is loading the data....", "dataLoadStartMessageFontSize": "14", } } Hope this helps someone. Thank you
  2. Hi, I have been able to load a India Map using Fusincharts Map. Also on every click of state I have been able to render the respective state map dynamically using the below code On each EntityClick I have configure the link to drill down the respective state using the below method. "entityClick": function (evt, data) { // Method call configureLink(evt, data); } // Method defined var configureLink = function (evt, data) { switch ( { case "001": evt.sender.configureLink({ "type": "maps/andamanandnicobar" }, 0);break; case "002": evt.sender.configureLink({ "type": "maps/andhrapradesh", }, 0);break; case "003": evt.sender.configureLink({ "type": "maps/arunachalpradesh" }, 0); break; //like wise i have loaded for each state. } } The above method works well and the respective district are loaded on every click of State. What i need is to configure the linkedchart dynamically "linkeddata": [{ "id": "001", "linkedchart": { "chart": { "caption": "State", "subcaption": "State", "entityFillHoverColor": "#E5E5E9", "showLabels": "1", "entityFillColor": "#A8A8A8", "theme": "fusion", "showBorder": "1", "bordercolor": "#FFFFFF", "entityborderThickness": "3" }, "colorrange": { "startlabel": "Low", "endlabel": "High", "code": "#e44a00", "minvalue": "0", "gradient": "1", "color": [{ "maxvalue": "150", "displayvalue": "Average", "code": "#f8bd19" }, { "maxvalue": "600", "code": "#6baa01" }] }, "data": [{ "id": "HI", "value": "99" }, //like wise load every district dynamically..... ], } }], How can i dynamically set all the above attributes for a chart within "linkedchart". ? Which event of a chart can help me to dynamically add the attributes whenever an entity is clicked on parent map (india map). Also every district i need to assign different color like for Maharashtra > Pune district i need an yellow color.. likewise for every district. For the attached image. I have loaded the India Map with custom color for every state. With the above methods i have dynamically configured the link for every click on the state. As you can see i have loaded the respective district also. How can i set the data and color on each data of the a particular district dynamically ? Please help ! Let me know if you need any more information I have been using FusionCharts Suite XT v3.15.1-sr.1