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  1. Save graph as image using ASP?

    Thanks but it is an old "application" in ASP, not ASP.NET and my customer wants a new option. This "aspimage" is already in place on his web hosting and I can't found it to test on my own web host. I have found another "aspimage" but it is different and don't work on my server. Sorry for my bad english, I'm french
  2. Save graph as image using ASP?

    Hello, I'm french, so I don't write very well english. I search aspimage.dll because serverobjects has not. I use this component on a server from Ikoula but I want to install it on my own server to try my dev. In ASP, I use the syntax : Set objImage = Server.CreateObject("AspImage.Image") I have found another aspImage but not correct for me, so I search this one (cretae with AspImage.Image) Does somebody have it ? Thansk in advance and sorry for my bad englsih