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  1. Clickable stackedarea2d

    I have a stackedarea2d chart where i want each series to be clickable, so i tried adding a "link" attribute to each "dataset". That did not work. Placing the "link" inside each "data" element (in each "dataset") creates a tiny clickable point that are not really useable in an area chart - users expect to click on the horizontal areas, not a little spec on the border between two areas ... Is there any way to make a series clickable? code example, json format: "dataset": [ { "seriesname": "My series 1", "link": "JavaScript:testFunction('this is where i want the clik - but it doesn't work');", "data": [ {"value": "130000", "link": "JavaScript:testFunction('this works - kinda');"}, {"value": "120000"}, {"value": "180000"} ] },
  2. Ie8+Https+Javascript Chart = Problems

    Another update: It seems like https has nothing to do with the problem - it's only "compatibility mode" that are the problem (thank you Microsoft )
  3. Ie8+Https+Javascript Chart = Problems

    Research update: The problem only occurs when IE8 is in "Compatibility View".
  4. Ie8+Https+Javascript Chart = Problems

    Unfortunately not - I already have that hotfix.
  5. Ie8+Https+Javascript Chart = Problems

    Hello I'm having a really wierd problem, that only occurs under some rather specific circumstances: 1) The browser is IE8 2) The chart rendering is JavaScript only (I think, flash is not an option due to iPads...) 3) Connected with https The problem occurs when using "modal popups" which are just a couple of div's shown atop of everything else. What happens is: 1) If using a 3Dstacked chart - the canvas background changes from transparent to white as soon at the chart is hidden beneath the div's. When the div's are removed again the canvas stays white. 2) If using a 2Dstacked chart - the same as above happens, plus ... all the columns dissapear completely (not sure if this is due to them also suddently being white). Sometimes I can get the columns to appear again by mouseOver - but only sometimes. I have tried with both 3.2.2 R3 and R4 - same problem. It might have been there for a long time since I only resently went with a non-white background and switched from 3D to 2D.
  6. Ie Https Issue

    We have the same problem, which was introduces when we updated to versiob 3.2.4 (to be able to remove the print icon fro all charts). We found a solution on stackoverflow which seems to fix the problem (second entry on the page): http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12087541/fusioncharts-on-https-mixed-content-warning I hope this will be fixed for future fusionchart version as i'm sure to forget all about this then next time we upgrades -michael heide christensen
  7. Removing The Print Button

    Yes, SR4 saved the day. Thanks again for the quick solution :-)
  8. Removing The Print Button

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm using Service Release 3, so I'll get the latest version and try out those new attributes :-)
  9. Removing The Print Button

    Once again I posted too fast It seems like the print icon cannot be removed from any of the charts I use any more. I did not notice when this problem started, but 2 major fusionchart changes was made to my project lately: 1) Upgrade to Fusioncharts XT (v3.2.2) 2) Switched to JS only (that is: no flash charts any more) So: Can that print icon not be removed from Fusionchart XT stackd3d and pie charts when rendering in javascript/html5?
  10. Removing The Print Button

    Maybe I was a bit too fast there! I'm using two types of charts, and "exportEnabled=0" removes the print icon from Stacked3D but not for pie charts :-( Any idea why this does not work in Pie charts?
  11. Grid Without Values

    What I want is a customized legend, with specific sorting, and square icons. I have attached a screenshot of how this looks when rendering in flash.
  12. Grid Without Values

    <chart bgColor='EEEAE4' bgAlpha='100' showBorder='0' borderThickness='0' canvasbgColor='EEEAE4' canvasBorderColor='cccccc' canvasBorderThickness='0' showCanvasBg='1' canvasBgDepth='2' showCanvasBase='1' canvasBaseDepth='3' plotGradientColor=' ' showPlotBorder='0' useRoundEdges='0' showLabels='1' numDivLines='4' showAlternateHGridColor='0' divLineIsDashed='1' divLineDashLen='1' divLineDashGap='2' divLineColor='8f9984' showToolTipShadow='1' toolTipBorderColor='666666' toolTipBgColor='edeae4' chartRightMargin='5' chartLeftMargin='1' chartTopMargin='5' chartBottomMargin='5' enableSmartLabels='0' smartLineThickness='0' smartLineAlpha='0' showlegend='1' reverseLegend='1' legendPosition='RIGHT' legendBgColor='e5e1d8' legendBorderColor='CCCCCC' legendShadow='1' legendMarkerCircle='1' legendIconScale='1.5' formatNumber='1' formatNumberScale='1' numberScaleValue='1000' numberScaleUnit=' ' decimalSeparator=',' thousandSeparator='.' decimals='0' sYAxisValuesDecimals='2' connectNullData='0' showPrintMenuItem='0' shownames='0' listRowDividerAlpha='0' colorBoxWidth='50' colorBoxHeight='20' textVerticalPadding='20' animation='1' exportEnabled='0'><set color='B10034' label='Sometexthere'/><set color='A5CF4C' label='Someothertext'/></chart>
  13. Removing The Print Button

    Worked like a charm - thanks a lot :-)
  14. Grid Without Values

    When using a grid without values (I'm using a grid as a custumized legend) AND using the JavaScript rendering, it seem like space is still reserved for the values! An example of how it looks when rendering in flash (the "O" is supposed to be the colored icons): +-------------------+ | O Sometexthere | | O Someothertext | +-------------------+ but when rendering i javascript it looks like this: +-------------------+ | O So... | | O So... | +-------------------+
  15. Removing The Print Button

    Hi I have just updated to XT, mainly to have the new JavaScript only rendering (client request) but have a little styling issue: When using JavaScript rendering a small print icon is placed in the upper right corner of the chart, which clashes with the design. How do I remove this button? -michael christensen