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  1. Excel export

    Still no private export handler. Parameter - exportHandler not set.
  2. Excel export

    $dataSource['chart']['exportHandler'] = ChartsHostUrl . 'ExportHandlers/PHP/3.15.1/ServerFCExporter.php'; Your demo doesn't include private handler. Complete list of parameters: $dataSource['chart']['exportHandler'] = ChartsHostUrl . 'ExportHandlers/PHP/3.15.1/ServerFCExporter.php'; $dataSource['chart']['exportEnabled'] = '1'; $dataSource['chart']['exportAtClient'] = '1'; $dataSource['chart']['exportTargetWindow'] = '_blank'; $dataSource['chart']['exportMode'] = 'client'; $dataSource['chart']['exportAction'] = 'save'; All image export and PDF works, but CSV and EXCEL fails because of required stream type IMAGE-DATA
  3. Excel export

    Also I have question if I set export mode to save-download, can I make that png files will be only saved on server and not downloaded to user
  4. Excel export

    I don't think so that it depends on type, because it repeats on different types. But type - pie2d, stackedbar2d, scrollcolumn2d. Version - 3.15.1
  5. Excel export

    I'm trying to setup server side export and I havo trouble with XLSX and CSV export. Response I get &DOMId=&height=0&width=0&fileName=&statusMessage= Export Resource not found.&statusCode=0. FCExport requires IMAGE-DATA2XLSX file. How can i fix this problem?