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  1. @SantoshNavle Thanks for the response. I tried this but it replaces the parent data but not the child data. How to set linkedchart array within parent json. If you have any fiddle it could be helpful.. Sample example below. FusionCharts.ready(function () { var fusioncharts = new FusionCharts({ type: 'column2d', renderAt: 'chart-1, dataFormat: 'json', dataSource: { // Chart Configuration chart:{ //chart configs }, "data": data.data, "linkeddata": [], // how to set this array in dynamic way.? "dataset": data.dataset, "categories": data.categories, "lineset": data.lineset, }, events: { beforeLinkedItemOpen: function(ev:any, props1:any) { console.log('beforeLinkedItemOpen ev--',ev); console.log('beforeLinkedItemOpen props--',props1); }, dataPlotClick: function(ev:any, props1:any) { console.log('data click--',props1.categoryLabel); //fetch dynamic content on click of any plot let fetch = fetchDrillDownData(props).then(x=>{ let categories = x.fields.categories let dataset = x.fields.dataset; console.log(categories); let linkeddata = [] as any; let linkedchart = {} as any; linkedchart["chart"]= { //dynamic chart config }; linkedchart["categories"] = categories; linkedchart["dataset"] =dataset; linkeddata.push({"id":"level-0-"+props.categoryLabel,"linkedchart":linkedchart}); console.log('linked----',linkeddata); //tried all below variants which is not working fusioncharts.setJSONData(linkeddata); fusioncharts.setChartData({'linkedchart':linkeddata}); }); } } });
  2. @SantoshNavle Can you please explain how you have placed the dynamic content within parent data? I able to get the data dynamically on click in parent level but not sure how to place this data in parent data