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  1. Increase x-axis resolution

    Thanks for the link, binning: { year: [], month: [], day: [], hour: [1] } seems to have improved the 100 day view.
  2. Increase x-axis resolution

    You're right, this is handy. But FusionTime seems to only consider the available CSS pixels, ignoring window.devicePixelRatio (in my case 2) of "retina"/HiDPI screens. My 500 x 400 canvas actually has 1000 x 800 "real" pixels, which could actually show finer details.
  3. FusionTime combines multiple data points quite aggressively when drawing the chart. This can be seen e.g. here (press "Show FusionTime chart" button): If you press Ctrl+"-" a couple of times (zoom down to e.g. 50%) and then F5, you can see that the data has much more detail than is normally shown, at least on a HiDPI (e.g. 220 ppi) display. Is there a way to modify this behaviour?