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  1. About Pie Legens Padding

    Hi, how can i remove space between circle and legends (red area attached image) ? dotted area is my charts area. And how can i remove left space of chart ? thanks.
  2. About Pie Chart Legens

    thank you very much. that is running.
  3. About Pie Chart Legens

    hi, I use 2D Pie Chart. but i cannot see legends on the chart. <chart showLabels='0' showValues='0' showLegend='1' legendPosition='BOTTOM' borderalpha='100' labelDistance='25'> <set label='ABC' value='50' color='00759B' /> <set label='DEF' value='100' color='005C8E' /> </chart> may you help me ? thanks.
  4. z-Index

    thank you very much.