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  1. I find that this sometimes leads to "No data to display" message. Is this minimal XML code considered legal (no dataset, etc.)?
  2. Hi, I'm loading a fairly large XML data set into a Scroll Combination 2D Chart. I'd like to show it to the user only once the chart has been drawn. I thought that FC_DataLoaded() might do the trick, but it seems to be called prematurely. When exactly is this called? Is it once the data has been loaded (as the name implied) or once the chart has been drawn? Is there a way to know when the chart has been drawn? Update: to clarify, I am displaying an alert when FC_DataLoaded() is triggered. Even after dismissing this alert, the chart shows "Retrieving Data. Please Wait." for several seconds. Thanks. Nemo
  3. Tooltip usage

    May I suggest that you implement one or more of the following in a future version: 1. Add a dataset attribute showTooltip 2. Add a set attribute showTooltip 3. Do not show tool tip if toolText='' Thanks.
  4. Cusatom ToolText

    This doesn't seem to work, at least not for a combination chart. I'm trying to disable tool text for one of the datasets, and can't seem to do it. Even when I set the chart attribute and set one of the set attributes there is no tooltip shown.