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  1. Text or Image Annotations

    Thanks Pallav it is working now! For others... I was putting showBelow='0' inside the annotation instead of the annotationGroup. Attention to detail
  2. Text or Image Annotations

    Have just emailed my code. Cheers Karen
  3. Text or Image Annotations

    Thanks for the reply but it didn't work. I used it on both a text and image annotation and it made no difference. After that I also put showBelow='1' on the <color> to no avail. Do you think this is a limitation with the trial version or all of them?
  4. Hi there I am using the AngularGauge trial version of Fusion Gadgets and want descriptive labels to appear within the colorRanges. I tried using annotations, both text and image and they appear behind the chart. Is there any way to make them appear on top of the chart so that they are visible? Cheers Karen
  5. Hi there I am trying to use an annotation to add a label to colorRange with the AngularGauge.swf. The annotation displays behind the gauge. Is there any way to get it to display on top? Cheers Karen
  6. Javascript error for 'save as image'

    I am having the same error and I do have v.3.0.6 and have wasted nearly a whole day on this.:w00t:
  7. Fusion charts and ssl

    How would one go about this if either using ASP.NET VB and: a) Return InfoSoftGlobal.FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("../FusionCharts/Bar2D.swf", "Chart_Data/my.xml", "", "mychart", "350", "150", False) with a dll OR FusionCharts.js One never gets to the HTML in order to write the http or https. Thanks Karen
  8. I am using the example "Combining FusionCharts, ASP.NET & JavaScript (dataURL) method" in v3 documentation. Although it is written for an earlier version of ASP.NET I have configured it to work until I get to the point of calling: chartObj.setDataURL(strURL) in the function updateChart(factoryIndex) I get the following error: