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  1. I am creating fusion charts in .net by passing json data Its working fine. Chart MyFirstChart = new Chart(chartType, chartName, "100%", height.ToString(), "json", jsonData.ToString()); data is collected from a data table from sql server and converted to json string My data table has the following data : Date No of students Percentage Name of Department I would like to add an event that if a data plot is clicked more details are shown by showing data from a different data table, which contains more details of that Department I added the event MyFirstChart.AddEvent("dataPlotClick" , "dataPlotClick"); // render chart return MyFirstChart.Render(); and called this event in a java script <script> dataPlotClick = function (eventObj, dataObj) { console.log(eventObj); var header = document.getElementById('header'); header.style.display = 'block'; var tempDiv = document.createElement('div'); var attrsTable = document.getElementById('attrs-table'); var titleDiv, valueDiv; for (var prop in dataObj) { titleDiv = document.createElement('div'); titleDiv.className = 'title'; titleDiv.innerHTML = prop; valueDiv = document.createElement('div'); valueDiv.className = 'value'; valueDiv.innerHTML = dataObj[prop]; tempDiv.appendChild(titleDiv); tempDiv.appendChild(valueDiv); } attrsTable.innerHTML = ''; attrsTable.appendChild(tempDiv);}; </script> the click on data plot works fine but id gets the data of the current data table , and I would like to get the more detailed data table and show in a table view in the asp page. Is there a way to do that ?