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  1. Hi FusionCharters! We are running a licensed version of powercharts and using the DragNode chart to draw a big organisation chart. We are encountering problems when trying to print the chart in A3 format mainly due to scaling. When we print the organisation chart in A3 format with a chart size of 2200x1000 pixels the quality of the printed chart is good although for obvious reasons the organisation chart is crammed due to the size of the chart. When we enlarge the chart size to the actual A3 size i.e. 3307x2339 pixels, the chart fits nicely in the page however to our disappointment the quality of the print becomes inferior to such an extent that the text inside the boxes become unreadable. This we are suspecting is due to scaling that is being done by the fusion chart component. Has anyone encountered this problem? any suggestions as to how we can go about solving this issue which is quite vital to the whole project? Thanks in advance Stephen