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  1. Resolved! I had to write color!!! $arrData["data"] = array(); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { array_push($arrData["data"], array( "label" => $row["type_answers"], "value" => $row["perc_answers"], "color" => $row["palettecolor"] ) ); }
  2. Excuse me, I tried to set the color for each single value directly in the query and then add it together with the label and value but it doesn't work. Exactly what is the term for coloring columns? I used this code $arrData["data"] = array(); while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) { array_push($arrData["data"], array( "label" => $row["type_answers"], "value" => $row["perc_answers"], "palettecolors" => $row["palettecolor"] ) ); } Thanks in advance
  3. Resolved! I have corrected the code for generating the json. I share the solution for those who need it. $arrData["dataset"] = array(); $i = 0; if ($resultData) { $controlBreakValue = ""; while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($resultData)) { if ($controlBreakValue != $row["data_name"]) { $controlBreakValue = $row["data_name"]; array_push($arrData["dataset"], array("seriesname" => $controlBreakValue, "data" => array(array("value" => $row["totals"],"link" => "detail.php?id=".$row["id"])))); $controlBreakValue == ""; $i++; }else{ array_push($arrData["dataset"][$i - 1]["data"], array("value" => $row["totals"],"link" => "detail.php?id=".$row["id"])); } } }
  4. scrollbar2d not work

    Perfect, many thanks !
  5. scrollbar2d not work

    Hi guys, can someone please help me? I don't understand. If I set the graph type only as "bar2d" it works, if I want to make it scrollable I set "scrollbar2d" it returns "no data to dispaly", why?
  6. I don't have the license yet, I'm using the trial version, I'm still considering whether to buy it
  7. can you give me an example please? In the logic I use (and which I downloaded from a zip file posted by a colleague of yours) how should I set to always display the same colors for certain values (YES = green, NO = red, N / A = orange and so on)?
  8. To generate the correct graph I had to manually remove from the js (jsfiddle) box the first values that duplicated in the json. The problem is most likely in the PHP code that generates the json but I just can't figure out what it is. https://jsfiddle.net/4ef2oz53/
  9. Excuse me Ayan, Is it possible to assign palletscolor by variable name in multiseries charts?
  10. the data that the graph presents continues to be wrong. The first column should have the data of the second and so on ... the first column (AG) must have the following values; YES = 61 the second column (AN) must have; YES = 37 NO = 13 N / A = 11 the third column must have; YES = 48 NO = 10 N / A = 3 and so on, in practice the first values of the output must not be there https://jsfiddle.net/z4etx58f/
  11. { "value": null }, this shouldn't be there
  12. What I mean is that the dataset should start with; "dataset": [{ "seriesname": "NULL", "data": [{ "value": null, "link": "sa_chart_station_detail.php?pid_station=1" }, instead it starts with; "dataset": [{ "seriesname": "NULL", "data": [{ "value": null }, { "value": null, "link": "sa_chart_station_detail.php?pid_station=1" },
  13. Sorry, can you try to render a scrollstackedcolumn2d chart with the data I shared with you? You will see that the data that the chart presents is not correct
  14. Excuse me ... how can I do a check in the firefox or chrome console?
  15. Firstly, as you can see the first value of the dataset is a zero that shouldn't come up, this in my opinion is wrong. {"value":"0"},