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  1. i have a dashboard, on a web page, organized into tabs. on page load, and each time the user selects a tab, my script ajax's in that tabs content, after emptying the div container. the dashboard is the only page using fusionWidgets, though i do have charts in other places. i'm using fusioncharts/widgets 3.2.3 if i'm not mistaken. if i enable the print manager, each angular gauge i have on my page pops up an alert("Cancelled"), whenever i navigate back to the tab containing the dashboard. it makes 2 alerts for each time the dashboard tab button has been clicked. to get around this, i attempted to have all the charts render in javascript instead of flash, but then i get an error message from the two widgets, stating that my chart type is unsupported. help me please.
  2. Height Paramert Broken

    nevermind this. someone else had some stupid css which was causing the chart to not be the specified height
  3. i've been building fusioncharts using the php class for quite some time now. and the most recent chart ive constructed works fine, except the height parameter i pass in the constructor is being ignored. ive been digging around for a day and a half already, and have found nothing to help. ive built the same chart, with the same parameters in javascript, to render in javascript, and it worked exactly as it should. i have no clue what else to do, as i need to use the flash renderer for the sake of consistency throughout the web app wherein i'm leveraging the charts.... suggestions? here's what my constructor looks like $FC=new FusionCharts("MSColumn3D","900","980","0","1"); using fusioncharts 3.2.2
  4. decimal precision

    what is an email address i can send the information to. the forum mail wont let me attatch files.
  5. decimal precision

    the chart has tax rates which need to be displayed with 4 decimal places. i've followed the documentation and i've used the options in the api for that chart, but so far, the only aspect of the chart affected are the anchor labels on the line. i need the axis values to be displayed to 4 decimal places as well. tax rates are on secondary y-axis here is the code inside the chart tag caption = 'Financial Well-being' subcaption='M&O Tax Rate and General Fund Balance' showValues='0' xAxisName='Year' PYAxisName='Fund Balance' sYaxisName='Tax Rate' forceDecimals='1' sDecimals='4' sYAxisValueDecimals='4' sNumberPrefix='$' numberPrefix='$' halp :crazy:
  6. Labels

    the ability to customize tick labels and tooltips on all the widget charts, especially the bullet chart, and linear guages. also it would be great if you could only display the max, min and the the tick where the color changes.
  7. thank you much.... i had no idea that the documentation was different for the fusion charts free vs. the full version. hopefully after we're done testing here, we'll buy the full version cheers mate!
  8. I was wondering if there is a way to graph multiple series on the same chart using xml instead of the html table method. and without putting the xml in a separate file. i know how to do this using fusion charts without the jquery plug in, but with out the plug in, the charts wont work (all that's displayed is 'no available data', even though the chart i was testing was copied from an example chart).
  9. if you find the plugin's .js file, not the debug version.... you can make the same two changes there, with the same effects.... just tried it myself, works great now