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  1. Can I style the font of only the upperlimit instead of the entire LIMITVALUES object? Thank you.
  2. Reverse tick values

    I'm trying to reverse tick values on a linear gauge from 0 - 100 to 100 - 0, left to right. So far I've tried changing the upperlimit/lowerlimit to no avail. I've also successfully changed the color range. I'm trying to accomplish a left to right gauge with the good values on the left and bad on the right. This is important to my layout as I want to emphasize the positive as the gauges are positioned on the left side of the screen. Any help is appreciated, even if it's a FusionCharts engineer saying, "Sorry charlie, you can't do it." even though that would be lame-O it would at least let me unlock my focus on this. Thanks all!