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  1. Using Ajax Fetch call to drill-down

    I'm still extremely stuck on this one. Normally I'd use something like drilldown to reload the page (module) and send variables such as different TaskIDs when it is clicked. I've been unable to use the Fetch within link='', either alone or with the 'JavaScript:' before it. Is there a way to get something like this to work for the drilldown - so the charts can be clicked for the drilldown?
  2. I'm hoping someone can help and that this mightn't be a difficult one. Ideally with a drill-down I'd use a 'Fetch' call to an AJAX library in the format: onclick="Fetch('ModuleID','0','Drilldown=Lvl1&Detail=Item1') for example, to reload the chart section of the screen including html headings/data etc. This would pick up on the querystring like the Detail = Item1 and the XML data for that and present the drill-down chart. The alternative I have is to simply change the chart XML using a drilldown link which is in a format along the lines "Default.aspx?XML=True&Drilldown=Lvl1&Detail=Item1" (just the XML file here). This is less desirable as I'd like the chart drill-down to use AJAX to refresh more than just the chart itself. I'm not sure if this is clear, but is there a way to achieve the above with a drill-down link? Thanks