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  1. Hi there, I have been on this problem for ages now and I can't find the solution. My GWT application generates dynamically several angular gauges, which I export server side and include in a pdf for printing. Everything works fine in FF, Opera and Chrome, but I have an odd problem with IE8. Some charts are exported without any problems in IE8, this proves my mechanism for setting div and chart ids and the integration with JS are correct, but I have one chart that can't get exported and it's driving me nuts. The code is exactly the same for generating and exporting the chart as for the other charts, but this on doesn't work. I get the error " Object doesn't support this property or method". I run the chart in debugMode and I get the following debug info: Info: Chart loaded and initialized. Initial Width: 352 Initial Height: 190 Scale Mode: noScale Debug Mode: Yes Application Message Language: EN Version: 3.1.1 Chart Type: Real-time Angular Gauge Chart Objects: BACKGROUND TICKMARKS TICKVALUES LIMITVALUES VALUE DIAL PIVOT GAUGE TRENDPOINTS TRENDVALUES TRENDMARKERS TOOLTIP INFO: Chart registered with external script. DOM Id of chart is agChart_c INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method. XML Data: To me this shows the chart is "healthy". When I start the export process (which, by the way, it's shared by ALL charts in my app) I get the problem mentioned above. I have done all sorts of debugging on the html, ids, various rendering orders, but I keep getting the same error only on the same graph only in IE8. My export code is very simple: public static native void exportChart(String chartId) /*-{ var chart = $wnd.getChartFromId(chartId); alert("Chart : "; if (chart.hasRendered()){ alert("chart has rendered. Exporting..."); chart.exportChart(); } }-*/; The chart object and id are even returned correctly by var chart = $wnd.getChartFromId(chartId); but as soon as I call chart.hasRendered() I get the error. I have installed the very latest version of Flash, too. Please help. Thank You. Francesco
  2. Server Side Chart Export - Suppress Log

    Hi there, thanks for your reply. I created a file called in the lib directory with the content you mentioned, but I still get the messages. I also tried to put the file in the classes directory, that didn't help either. My application uses log4j and not java.util.logging. Any other ideas? Thanks, F
  3. Hi, in my application I export a lot of charts and every time a chart is exported I get 2 lines in the Application Container log: 10:11:57,614 INFO: com.fusioncharts.exporter.generators.ImageGenerator getChartImage INFO: Image created successfully This creates a lot of useless noise in the log. How to turn off the logging completely? Thanks
  4. Hi, I found the problem... I was assigning the same id to both the div container and embed tags. FF works anyway, but IE was trying to execute getChartFromId on the DIV element, hence failing. Thanks for your help, Francesco
  5. I thought I should add I have installed the latest version of Flash (10,0,45,2 )
  6. Hi there, My GWT application uses FusionCharts, I have a functionality to export server side to print the charts to PDF. All works fine in all browsers, but not in IE8. I start the export process with the following method: public static native void exportChart(String divId) /*-{ var chart = $wnd.getChartFromId(divId); if(chart.hasRendered()) chart.exportChart(); }-*/; The var chart is returned as "Object" (i.e. not null), but after that, no matter which method I call on chart, I get the following error: (TypeError): Object doesn't support this property or method As I said, I have no problems with the other browsers. Can you please help me with urgency? I have a valid commercial license, this issue is stopping my application from going to production. Thanks, Francesco