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  1. Hi, we are using powerchart v3 (fusion chart licenced), need to upgrade to ipad compatible. we got mail from fusionchart regarding the latest beta release of fusion charts which support ipad(which contains the js files and swf files) I have included all the js files and swf files needed. my script is like this <div id="chartdiv" >test</div> FusionCharts.setCurrentRenderer ("javascript"); var myChart1 = new FusionCharts("FusionCharts/SplineArea.swf", "ChartId", "300", "350", "0", "1"); myChart1.setChartData("<chart caption='Fruit Production for March' yaxisname='Quantity' xaxisname='Fruit' alternateHGridAlpha='30' alternateHGridColor='FFFFFF' showValues='0' use3DLighting='0' ><set label='Orange' value='23'/><set label='Apple' value='12'/><set label='Banana' value='17'/><set label='Mango' value='14'/><set label='Litchi' value='12'/></chart>", "xml"); myChart1.render("chartdiv"); But it is showing the error as "No data to display" Please help me on this issue. Thanks in Advance, Sreeyesh
  2. How to give links in Spark Column Charts

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. My requirement is i need to create report based on the each column value in Spark Column Charts. For this i need to give links for each column in the chart. i can give links for whole graphs using "clickURL" property but this not satisfying my requirement. Regards, Sreeyesh
  3. Hi, I can give links on most of charts but not in Spark Column Charts? i need to give links for each columns in the Spark Column Charts. Please provide a solution. Thanks, Sreeyesh