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  1. Treemap implementation

    While drag-node chart is a good way of showing hierarchical data, it doesn't solve the purpose of comparing the the size each entity with respect to one another. Was expecting something like this : Can you guys include this type of chart in your pipeline?... It's a great way to display huge amounts of data and it's being used widely in the industry. Thanks!
  2. Treemap implementation

    Any update on this?
  3. Firefox not able to print Chart

    Hi, Does the managed print functionality on FC 3.2 work with widgets/maps/powercharts (ver 3.1.1)? Want to make sure before starting to code anything. Please let me know. Thanks.
  4. Export as image without web page

    It works great!! Thanks.
  5. Problem Creating Chart In Ext-Js

    You can add a listener for your component (addListener() function) to listen to the "afterrender" event. Include your chart javascript in the handler function of this listener. Haven't tried this... but worth a try!
  6. Export as image without web page

    Hi there, Can you forward me to a link or send me a project that does a silent server side export of charts in .Net? Thanks
  7. Title attribute for maps

    Can you also include a "footnote" attribute in your next maps release? The reason why this is important because most of the data that we display on the maps is not proprietary and it comes from various sources. It would be useful if we could include some text regarding the source of the data inside the SWF itself. Thanks, MYP
  8. Get entity values on map click

    Hey, Thanks for the Code, but that was not what I was asking for. I specifically wanted to pull out long and short names of a map entity from the map object itself. Anyways, I found the solution. The code is as follows: In the chart XML: <entity id='123' value='500' link='j-getEntityData-123'/> //javascript Code function getEntityData(id) { var map1 = getMapFromId("mapid"); var entities = map1.getEntityList();// var lName = ""; var sName = ""; for (i = 1; i < entities.length; i++) { if ( == id) lName= entities.lName; sName= entities.sName; } alert("Long Name: "+ lName +", Short Name: "+sName); } Please let me know if there is a better solution than this. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Is there a way to get entity values (including short name, long name, id) by clicking on a map entity using javascript? For example, Lets say I click on the State of Texas on a US map and an alert box pops up saying "You clicked on Texas (TX) , Value='1234', entity ID='TX'." I am sure this is easy but I couldn't find a solution in the forums. Can someone please help with this or point to a link where a similar query is addressed? *update: The DB Schema does not have Long Names stored for any entity so that is not an option.* Thanks.
  10. FusionCharts v4 ?

    Can you give us an idea about the new features in Fusion charts V4?
  11. Are you planning to implement treemaps in the future? Lots of other charting companies are now offering treemaps in their package. I would be great to see this feature in fusionCharts.