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  1. Hi please find below summary of requirements. Respond in public or in PM message. Let me know your email i will send you these specs in PDF format (with images). Specs: ====== PowerCharts 3.1.1 offers a DragNode chart (provided as a Flash library) allowing to display graphs. Unfortunately, it lacks the feature to have bidirectional connectors with a curve between nodes. Requirements What we want is a modified version of the DragNode chart fixing this issue. The source code of the current version will be provided. Curve radius specification We want to be able to specify the radius (in pixels) of the curve for each connector with a radius attribute on the connector XML tag: Tool tip on connectors We can specify which is the text shown in a tool tip for a given node thanks to the "toolText" property on a "set" element. We would like to be able to do the same with connectors. When the mouse is over a link (or at least, over its label area), we would like to show a tool tip set by the "toolText" property on the "connector" element.