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  1. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Sudipto and Srividya, I am absolutely spellbound seeing your dedication towards an issue.. With your support , I could successfully solve the issue ... As mentioned by you guys, I iterated a list of active and inactive users and displayed the correct number of active and inactive users and stored it in a string which represents the xml. And thats it... Fusion charts has made it so easy to display these beautiful charts on my screen Kudos to you guys for extending your valuable support And hey, if anyone working with seam is trying to integrate fusion charts and if there's any issue , Let me know....I would also love to help anyone in confusion like these guys helped me
  2. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi all , Its pretty urgent! I am horribly stuck as I am trying to creat dynamic charts where the values are taken from the database. Getting the values from database can be achieved , but then to represent the values on the chart has been the main issue of concern,. Please , anyone with any rough idea would have been great. I have defined a method in the backing bean which fetches all the active users in a list. My question is how to get the active users on the chart .. and the exact jsf and xml format to get the values !! Its urgent guys! Fusioncharts , help me!!
  3. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Srividya, First accept my apologies for not going through the steps carefully! . The steps did wonder for me...and I have successfully integrated fusion charts with my project :)...... Once again thanks for the efforts you took to resolve this issue Hey another small doubt! Could you tell me in brief , the steps to make dynamic charts ,i.e values from the database ...! Thanks in advance Sai
  4. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Srividya, Sorry...I was busy with some other work. Now that I m back with my fusion chart integration, I tried all the steps as per the guidelines you had mentioned in the file. But, Alas! It did not work as per expectations! The output seen on the screen is as mentioned below :- Chart. I know its been troublesome for you , but can you help me further to get my code working? Thanks in advance Sai p.s :- How to post the code in the forum....I tried all the possible IFCode Shortcuts ...none seem to be posting my code here
  5. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Srividya, Amazing dear!! I duly admire your efforts to solve the issue! .. I will download the file and work on it. I will get back to you once I try this.. Absolutely amazing , I have never seen a moderator of any community taking so much efforts to solve a newbie's issue ...kudos to you!!
  6. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Srividya, Thats great! Meanwhile I will keep trying to find a workaround
  7. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Srividya, Thanks a ton for being so patient with my silly questions! I am extremely sorry for not posting the code as it is strictly against the company policies as we are working on a banking project. I can understand that you haven't worked with Seam but I have seen you solving so many issues in the community. If you could help me giving rough ideas for solving this issue, it would have been really grateful. It would have been great if others who have worked with Seam , could share their experiences
  8. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Srividya , Could you please,refer the jsf code in the first post and let me know if there is any issue?
  9. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Srividya , Thanks a lot for the reply. I tried that but in vain. What could be the reason? I tried out the simple chart example using avascript and it is working abs. fine. I am trying hard to figure out the issue, I m trying to post the code here , but it doesn't show the complete code
  10. FusionCharts with Seam

    And sorry , missed a point. Other JSF tags are being rendered . I meant that fusioncharts related tags are not being rendered!
  11. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Srividya , Thanks a lot for the reply. Well, Fusion Charts JSF jar is not in WEB-INF/lib folder. The lib folder is outside the WEB-INF and the jar file is in that lib folder. There is another lib folder whose heirarchy is as mentioned below project -->exploded-archives-->project.ear-->project_war-->WEB-INF-->lib Should I put the jar file inside the above mentioned lib folder? forgive my ignorance.
  12. FusionCharts with Seam

    Hi Srividya , Thanks a lot for the reply. I did retain the fusionchartstaglibJSF1-2-java5.jar but its still not working. Though i cant find any errors in the server, I can only see the text " This is JSF example ". What else can I try?
  13. FusionCharts with Seam

    Thanks a lot for the reply Srividya!! My doubt is , if I had placed them in wrong location , my code wouldnt have worked! I can see the text "This is JSF example" on my home screen and nothing else. What do you think could be the issue? My folder structure is lib -->fusionchartstaglibJSF1_1.jar -->fusionchartstaglibJSF1-2-java5.jar and all the relevant jsf jar files resources --> META-INF -->fusioncharts.taglib.xml -->application.xml, ejb-jar.xml and other files -->WEB-INF -->charts.tld -->components.xml --> , faces-config.xml,web.xml, pages.xml Another issue is I dont have a folder called web content and therefore , I couldn't find WebContent/WEB-INF/lib to place the jar files. I dont know if I am being silly as I am not that well-versed with Seam . Hope you understand the folder structure and help me to get out of this issue
  14. FusionCharts with Seam

    I m trying to use fusionCharts in my seam application. The simple examples using javascript are working perfectly . So , I tried to follow the steps provided by the moderator in this topic I have downloaded everything required for the application and also, have created a tld, required java files, updated the faces.config.xml , added the taglib to the xhtml file and possibly followed all the steps correctly. I doubt if I have missed out something very silly in the application or I must have placed the files in wrong directory. Can anyone tell me the correct way of integrating fusionCharts with Seam?It would be really helpful if you could guide me through all the required steps to ensure everything is perfect. I m posting my xhtml code here <?xml:namespace prefix = ui /><ui:composition <br xmlns=""> xmlns:s="" xmlns:fc="" xmlns:ui="" xmlns:f="" xmlns:h="" xmlns:rich="" template="layout/template.xhtml"> <ui:define name="body"> <SCRIPT language=JavaScript src="FusionCharts/FusionCharts.js"></SCRIPT> <H1>Welcome </H1> <?xml:namespace prefix = rich /><rich:panel> <!--<div id="SimpleChartDiv" align="center"> Chart. </div> <script type="text/javascript"> var chart_SimpleChart = new FusionCharts('FusionCharts/Column3D.swf', 'SimpleChart', '700', '300', '0', '0', '', '', '', '', ''); chart_SimpleChart.setDataURL("FusionCharts/Data.xml"); chart_SimpleChart.render('SimpleChartDiv'); </script> --> <?xml:namespace prefix = f /><f:verbatim>This is JSF example</f:verbatim> <?xml:namespace prefix = fc /><fc:render registerWithJS="true" xml="#{exampleChartData.xml}" height="#{exampleChartData.height}" debugMode="on" width="#{exampleChartData.width}" filename="#{exampleChartData.filename}" chartId="#{exampleChartData.chartId}"></fc:render> <fc:renderHTML xml="#{exampleChartData.xml}" height="#{exampleChartData.height}" debugMode="on" width="#{exampleChartData.width}" filename="#{exampleChartData.filename}" chartId="#{exampleChartData.chartId}"></fc:renderHTML> </rich:panel> </ui:define> </ui:composition>