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  1. Zoomline Animation

    1. Is it possible to animate ZoomLine like any other chart? 2. If yes, is there an example? I tried using styles but there's zero animation. Thank you in advance.
  2. Stacked Chart

    Is there a way to click a link on a specific stack within the stacked chart? So each bar shows several stacks (colors), I need to click on a specific color of the bar and pass that value as well? Is this possible?
  3. Exporting To Pdf

    So I see there's a way to batch export charts into one pdf? In my case, I have a screen with html plus embedded FusionCharts. I need to export the whole page and not just the charts. Is there a way? If not, can I export html first using some jQuery plugin and combine it with the FusionCharts pdf exporter somehow? So make two calls (one via jQuery for html specific stuff) and combine the 2nd call (FusionCharts export) as additional page?
  4. I wanted to understand how javascript and handlers work while exporting batch charts to pdf server-side. In the online download demo, it's just calling the javascript (server-side example) so I'm not sure when these server-side handlers come into the picture. I don't see anywhere where it points to either the .php or .aspx files.
  5. So where does the company stand in release a jQuery plugin. It was mentioned before that you needed a month to finish but it's been more than that. Just wondering where you are with the official release. Also, how does it work with FusionMaps?
  6. jQuery Plugin Release

    Honestly, no, it doesn't help. Can you approximately provide a month at least? We've waited long enough.
  7. jQuery Plugin Release

    Just wondering about the jQuery plugin status with FusionCharts.
  8. jQuery Plugin Release

    Thank you. 1. What about FusionCharts? 2. What would you recommend using for a project utilzing FusionCharts and FusionMaps due end of August?
  9. jQuery Plugin Release

    Approximately how long should we wait?
  10. Custom Regions

    So instead of constantly drawing manually custom regions, why don't you have something similar to example? Can you comment on this? We need to buy a mapping component and like your charting but not your mapping functionality. Can you comment on the above example and see if it's currently possible?
  11. Basic examples do not work

    Great, we have a project coming real soon and would really love the jQuery plugin released for maps and charts (V3).
  12. Basic examples do not work

    That did it. You should put that verbiage when folks download any of your samples. But thank you. Any update on the release of jQuery plugin?
  13. JavaScript error Expected '('

    Getting the exact same issue Expected ) I have an AS.Net app with an updatepanel and use the exact same code as your documentation. On load - RenderChart and on postback RenderChartHtml. However, only on postback, the chart is drawn but get the javascript error. All xml contains single quotes. Using a download from a week ago. Pulling my hair out. Spent over a day on this to no avail. Please help.
  14. Stacked Chart

    My question, however, was not related to how to actually use the link but had to do with specifically having a stacked bar chart (multiple colors) and having the need to click not just on the bar itself, but on a specific metric/color of the individual bar. I need to pass the x-axis value plus the metric or the specific color of the bar. I already know how to use links but need an answer on how do I pass an individual value of the color/metric that was clicked within a single bar.
  15. Basic examples do not work

    Like I said it's your retail dashboard demo. Tried in IE and Firefox. Could you post a reply right away. We're doing a demo in 6 hrs.
  16. Basic examples do not work

    Downloaded Retail Dashboard sample. The sample does include RegisterwithJS set to 1 already and all all js files are reference correctly already. Anything drillable does not work on numerous computers.
  17. Mapping zip codes

    We're trying to map dynamic data in US where each data point contains a county code and a zip code. Is it possible to automatically create markers where each data point is automatically mapped to the right county on a map based on a zip code? Seems like a very obvious need.
  18. Zip Code Based Maps

    That's a shame. already supports this.
  19. Zip Code Based Maps

    What is the status of this? Is this supported?