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  1. Auto layout on Drag Node

    Thank you for the response. Do you have a recommendation for positioning a dynamic dataset like an algorithm or something? It seems like people have been asking for this feature for 10+ years now.
  2. I was wondering if there is an attribute of the Drag Node Chart that allows for automatic positioning and layout of the nodes? I do not see an attribute on the following link: https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-attributes/dragnode. We are trying to create a chart with dozens to hundreds of nodes but there is no predefined format since the dataset size is dynamic
  3. Automatic Positioning of Drag Node Charts

    Has there been an update to add this functionality? It is now 2021 and I don't see an attribute on Drag Node Charts that provides automatic positioning here: https://www.fusioncharts.com/dev/chart-attributes/dragnode