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  1. Hello. How are you? We are using fusiontimes to not show all data at the beginning and avoid bad browser performance. This has helped us a lot. But I have a problem that I have not been able to solve. When you zoom to the maximum, the actual value of the registry is not displayed, but rather it is grouped by day. Our system generates records every 30 minutes But when zooming to the maximum it groups by day and I can't zoom in any more. I have the binning option set but still can't get it to work. xaxis: { outputtimeformat: { year: "%Y", month: "%-b %Y", day: "%d/%m/%Y", hour: "%d/%m/%Y %Hh", minute: "%d/%m/%Y %H:%-M" }, binning: { "year" : [1], "month" : [1], "day" : [1], "hour" : [1], "minute" : [30] } } regards
  2. Fusiontimes binning not working for hours/minutes

    Hello. When is version 3.18 going to be released?
  3. Hello I am trying to implement "formatNumberScale" option in timeseries chart but is not working. Still showing "k" for thousands. Thanks Promise.all([ fetch(''), fetch('') ]).then(function(res) { Promise.all([ res[0].json(), res[1].json() ]).then(function(res) { showChart(res[0], res[1]); }); }); function showChart(dataFetch, schemaFetch) { const dataStore = new FusionCharts.DataStore(); const dataSource = { chart: { "formatNumberScale": "0" }, caption: { text: "Sales Analysis" }, subcaption: { text: "Grocery" }, yaxis: [ { plot: { value: "Grocery Sales Value" }, format: { prefix: "$" }, title: "Sale Value" } ] }; = dataStore.createDataTable(dataFetch, schemaFetch); new FusionCharts({ type: "timeseries", renderAt: "chart-container", width: "100%", height: "500", dataSource: dataSource }).render(); }
  4. Fusiontimes binning not working for hours/minutes

    Hello Srishti Thank you, works. But i have another issue. I generated data each 1 minute but when i zoom to minutes appear a blank space in the left side ( Thanks
  5. formatNumberScale in timeseries chart?

    Hi. I have solved the problem. Thank you