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  1. Gantt chart vertical line

    Hi Scratch that... I managed to work it out.. I needed to add a trendline as mentioned here: Thanks Brian
  2. Gantt chart vertical line

    Hi there Is it possible to add a vertical line on the Gantt chart? If so how do I do this? I saw how to do it to other charts and I added in a data section to the JSON as per below, but it doesn't seem to work. Kind regards Brian data: [{ vLine: "1", showOnTop: "1", label: "Today", linePosition: "20/10/2020" }],
  3. stack100percent chart negative values

    Hi Srishti Thank you for getting back to me so quickly on this. It is very much appreciated. My customer wants a stacked 100% chart with negative values showing as negatives so I'm going to have to do the percentage calculations myself and then display it. i was hoping for a shortcut but that's life :-) Kind regards Brian
  4. Hi I'm creating a chart of type: msstackedcolumn2d. I set stack100percent to '1'. However, my chart has negative values. It is changing these to positive values when doing a stack100percent chart so as to total to 100%. I want to retain the negative values and so it wouldn't add up to 100% any more, the negative numbers would be below the x-axis and the total stack would sum to less than 100%. Is this possible to do with a setting? Kind regards Brian