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  1. Hi, I have already posted one topic on the same..askiing for the event that gets triggered when chart is exported as PDF from context menu.........but didnt get any reply on this... So, posting it again I need a reply on this.. we are using the paid version of FusionCharts. I need a solution for this.. as it is very urgent!!!!!!!!
  2. Hi, when we click on export as pdf from context menu on the chart(right click) , is there any function that we can handle before that chart gets exported? i found FC_ExportReady that gets fired after the export is done, and FC_Exported that gets fired after the save is done... in the same way.. do i have a method that actually gets fired before exporting when clicked on the context menu? Thanks Rasmi
  3. Remove exported chart from the component

    Hi Basundhara, Thanks for the reply. Below is my Zip file attahced( both the code and the print screen.) Steps i have done are: 1. Exported a single chart . I can see the exported chartin the component and save works fine. 2. Exported the same chart again. It again added an entry into the component instead of updating the entry. 3.Batch export adds all the files as single file entry and also adds the individual entries withsave for each chart. I dont want the charts to be added to the component rather would like the chart entry to be updated(int the component). and also.. once a save button of a individual chart is clicked, i wanted to entry to be removed from that component instead of still showing that in the list of charts exported. Is there any way to do that? Thanks , Rasmi Client Exports.zip
  4. Remove exported chart from the component

    Hi, I am trying to export my fusion charts. I am able to add them to the component and also able to save the charts to some location. I am using saveMode as "both" Whenever i export the same unit several times, there is one more entry in the componet with a save button againt that entry. I wanted to remove that chart entry from that component once it gets saved. can i use FC_Exported to trigger some event that removes that chart entry ?? Please help me out in finding a solution.. Thanks Rasmi
  5. Link Max Character Size(link attribute)

    Hi, i need the maximum length of characters supported in the link attribute in SET tag. I have included a javascript call in link attribute which when clicked on bar will call that particular javascript function in a jsp. Its performing well till specific length of characters. But, if the characterd exceed a certain limit, then the script call is not getting fired. Please help me in finding out a solution for this Below is my code: <chart caption=' ' xaxisname="Gender" yaxisname="Employee Number" palette="4" decimals="0" enableSmartLabels="1" enableRotation="0" bgColor="99CCFF,FFFFFF" bgAlpha="40,100" bgRatio="0,100" showBorder="1" showAboutMenuItem="0" labelDisplay="Rotate" slantLabels="1"> <set toolText="M" value="2" link="JavaScript:drillDownJS('M','344','wherecdn',' AND ASG_PRIMARY_FLAG = (^Y^) AND ASSIGNMENT_TYPE = (^E^) AND TO_DATE(^11-Jun-2010^,^DD-MON-YYYY^) BETWEEN PERSON_EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND PERSON_EFFECTIVE_END_DATE AND EMPLOYEE_FULL_NAME IN (^Elkins, Kurt Bradley (Kurt)^) AND TO_DATE(^11-Jun-2010^,^DD-MON-YYYY^) BETWEEN ASG_EFFECTIVE_START_DATE AND ASG_EFFECTIVE_END_DATE','As%20of%20Date^Employee%20Full%20Name','#11-Jun-2010#^#Elkins,%20Kurt%20Bradley%20(Kurt)#','viewName');" label="M"/> </chart> Thanks in advance