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  1. Chart Not Updating

    hi i have come across the same prob as above with the drilldown of the charts as i could not fix it the last time, the first chart is a 3DColumn chart and the columns are links to the same page so the first time you click on a column a pie chart is then displayed containing more data but there is a checkbox on the page which changes the data ranges of the data in the pie chart and so changes the data but when the link is clicked with the checkbox changed the same data from is displayed in the graph. the data changes for each column clicked but not when a change is made to the checkbox the data stays the same as for the first load of the graph. any help would be appreciated thanks
  2. Hi I am trying to incorporate FusionCharts v3 into a C# ASP.NET project but am having problems refreshing the graph on postback. When I retrieve the necessary data from database I build an xml file using this data, save this file and then use this file to generate the graph but it