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  1. Hi all, I faced a issue here, I placed 3 fusioncharts (each have radgrid below chart together) in same page, each fusioncharts can call javascript to refresh radgrid (I tested in separate page before combine ). The page can load successfully, first fusioncharts (mscolumn2d) can call javascript function by datalabelclick, 2nd (mscolumn2d) can call javascript function by dataplotclick, but the last one (column2d) call javascript function and it was not working and no error found.... I did 4 scenario again to test fusionchart call javascript 1) I copy 3rd fusionchart and put another page, it work successfully, 2) I placed 3rd fusionchart on top same page (before 1st and 2nd), it work successfully. 3) I placed after 1st, it was not working 4) I changed the chart type from column2d to pie2d, it work successfully but i changed to bar2d cannot Did anyone know this issue, can help on this pleas ? Thanks in advanced.