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  1. great thanks for your help, i tryed out your solution and it wroks and now i can use a dynamic FusionChart with Spring Framewrok.
  2. thank you, i will try it.
  3. hello, im using the FusionChart with Spring MVC, all works good for now, but i encountered a problem. i have a search box in the web which provides a date from/to search fonctionality, the from/to dates wille be obtained by Spring mvc and it will go search in a mysql database, the search result will be encapsulated in xml format that fits the FusionChart require and sent to the page. there is the problem, what should i do to only refresh the chart rather than refresh the whole page??? what is your strategy?? thank you.
  4. FusionCharts Spring MVC Example

    Spring 3 offer 3 methods of configuration: xml(ur example), annotation and javaconfig(java based configuration). im trying spring mvc with javaconfig and still working on it.
  5. FusionCharts Spring MVC Example

    it works good. I wonder how we can do the same thing with java configuration rather than xml conofiguration?
  6. FusionCharts Spring MVC Example

    sorry, i've seen it
  7. FusionCharts Spring MVC Example

    hello, thx for sharing. but do u have the code of the class chartcontroller?