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  1. Real Time Area Chart

    Hmm actually I tried this to the real-time area chart and it does not work. Any ideas? Thanks! Ben
  2. Rescale chart when clicking lengend

    Nobody knows how to do this one? Thanks!
  3. Real Time Area Chart

    Oh thank you so much! God Bless you! Ben
  4. How do i get the chart to rescale when i click off one of the data points in the legend. For example the above chart is showing data, but if i click off the blue line so i can get a better understanding of the yellow line. It stays the same it does not rescale. How would i achieve this effect? God Bless! Ben
  5. Real Time Area Chart

    See the first chart has circles at the values then the area chart does not. I would like to know where the values are on the area chart. How do I enable the circle on the area chart? Thanks! God Bless! Ben
  6. Real Time Area Chart

    I have a question i am using the real time area chart put it just shows the shape. I really want it to show the little circle to show the value (but not the number of the value) just the place. How would I do this? Thanks! Ben
  7. Charts not displaying correct data

    Nevermind the problem is solved! Real time charts work so so much better! Thanks! Ben
  8. Charts not displaying correct data

    From the documentation I see that you have a real time angular guage but i dont see it, in our developer set of charts. Does the regular angular guage have real time capabilities? Thanks!
  9. We have fusion charts for our dashboard and we have 2 guages that pull the temp and humidity from a database. We use an update panel to refresh every 5 minutes. This works great for a while but then the data doesn't appear to be correct anymore. If i close the browser and pull it back up it re syncs up and is correct. Why does it do this? It is only the guages the real time charts always work. What would be causing this problem? Is there a way to update the charts without an update panel? God Bless! Ben
  10. Move legend?

    I made a chart and it works great 2 questions though? In the picture you see the legend is right up against the top how do i move it down so it is not covering the values. I see thats how the examples are. Aso how do i add another y value and another trend line. You see one line has a 75 max the other has a 45. Here is my code. <chart caption='Internet Capacity Usage' dataStreamURL='InternetCapacity/InternetCap.aspx' legendPosition='BOTTOM' refreshInterval='30' setAdaptiveYMin='1' yAxisMaxValue='80' showRealTimeValue='0' realTimeValuePadding='50' chartBottomMargin='50' labelDisplay='Rotate' slantLabels='1'> <categories> </categories> <dataset seriesName='cDiacc' showValues='0'> </dataset> <dataset seriesName='cHiacc' showValues='0'> </dataset> <trendlines> <line startValue='75' displayValue='Max' valueOnRight='1' color='FF0033' /> </trendlines> <styles> <definition> <style type='font' name='captionFont' size='14' /> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='Caption' styles='captionFont' /> <apply toObject='Realtimevalue' styles='captionFont' /> </application> </styles> </chart> Thanks so much! God bless! Ben
  11. Actually i think everything is working now. Just had to re upload. Sorry for the panic. God Bless! Ben
  12. OK i think i narrowed down the problem: here is the value that is getting passed to the chart: &chartWidth=250&chartHeight=35&debugMode=0&dataURL=InfrastructureCapacity%2fSuperDome3.aspx shouldn't that dataURL be InfrastructureCapacity/SuperDome3.aspx? My code is: string dataURL = Server.UrEncode("InfrastructureCapacity/SuperDome2.aspx"); //Create the chart with dataURL as strDataURL return FusionCharts.RenderChartHTML("FusionWidgets/SparkLine.swf", dataURL, "", "SuperDome2Capacity", "250", "35", false); So whats the problem? THanks Ben
  13. ok i fixed that error but now it just loads and doesnt show the charts. It just keep loading. What could be the issue? THanks, Ben
  14. This is another problem i run in to. When i upload the files and try to look at the site i get fusioncharts is not defined. How do i fix this? Thanks
  15. WOW i didnt even know there was a debug option! That was amazing. The file path was wrong because the dataStream URL has to be relative to the page pulling the file, not where the XML file is located. Thanks so much! Ben