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  1. Getting Visible Data Points in Zoom Scatter

    @Ayan Bhadury I do not have a license yet. I want to make sure that FusionCharts can do the tasks I need before I purchase a license.
  2. Getting Visible Data Points in Zoom Scatter

    Aditionally, select scatter doesn't support enough data points for my use.
  3. Getting Visible Data Points in Zoom Scatter

    Sorry, but could you explain to me how the data labels map to data points? When I zoom on my chart, the startLabel and endLabel don't seem to map to any data. The startIndex and endIndex correspond to integer values of the x-axis as well. Please see the screenshot with the console for an example.
  4. Hello, once a ZoomScatter chart has been zoomed in, is it possible to get the visible data points into a variable? Thanks.
  5. Creating Zoom Scatter in Vue

    Thank you, I didn't realize that the imports needed to be in the main component. Have a good day.
  6. Creating Zoom Scatter in Vue

    Thank you for your help. Your code works in the sandbox, but in my local environment, I get these errors: Error 1: fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js:1 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<' Error 2: fusioncharts.js?8f68:13 Uncaught (in promise) Error: ChunkLoadError: Loading chunk 9 failed. (missing: http://localhost:8000/app/fusioncharts.zoomscatter.js) at Function.a.e (fusioncharts.js?8f68:13) at d (fusioncharts.js?8f68:13) at Function.eval (fusioncharts.js?8f68:13) at i (fusioncharts.js?8f68:13) at o (fusioncharts.js?8f68:13) at h (fusioncharts.js?8f68:13) at e.t.chartType (fusioncharts.js?8f68:13) at new e (fusioncharts.js?8f68:13) at new f (fusioncharts.js?8f68:13) at VueComponent.renderChart (vue-fusioncharts.js?27e3:401) at eval (fusioncharts.js?8f68:13) I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the NPM modules, but this hasn't fixed the error. Please let me know if you have a solution.
  7. Creating Zoom Scatter in Vue

    Hello, I have a question about the needed imports for using a Zoom Scatter chart with Vue and NPM. The following code gives an error, but works with type: scattter. What are the necessary imports? <template> <fusioncharts :type="type" :width="width" :height="height" :dataFormat="dataFormat" :dataSource="dataSource" :events="events" ></fusioncharts> </template> <script> import Vue from 'vue'; import VueFusionCharts from 'vue-fusioncharts'; import FusionCharts from 'fusioncharts'; import Charts from 'fusioncharts/fusioncharts.charts'; import Zoomscatter from 'fusioncharts/fusioncharts.zoomscatter'; import FusionTheme from 'fusioncharts/themes/fusioncharts.theme.fusion'; import { FCComponent } from "vue-fusioncharts"; Vue.use(VueFusionCharts, FusionCharts, Charts, Zoomscatter, FusionTheme); export default { name: "FusionCharts", components: { fusion: FCComponent }, props: {}, created() {}, computed: { test_result() { return this.$store.state.test_result; }, }, watch: { test_result: function() { this.dataSource.dataset = [{ data: this.test_result }]; }, }, data: function() { return { type: "zoomscatter", width: "800", height: "800", dataFormat: "json", dataSource: { chart: { caption: "", theme: "fusion", }, dataset: null, }, events: {}, } }, methods: {}, }; </script>