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  1. Hi, I have upgraded the fusioncharts library to the latest version and now the resize mode is not working. The charts stays with the same width when I resize the web browser's widnow. The width is set to 100% and It was working on the version 3.15.0
  2. Now It is working. But before not. Look at my reported tickets I do not have a ticket 535001
  3. BTW I have a question for you. Is it a possibility to add a label header to a tooltip. Now I am adding a label to the first series but when I hover the second one my label is dimmed because is a part of the first series
  4. @Ayan Bhadury Yes sure the problem is here when I try to send the new ticket
  5. ahhh, you have also a problem with your support page I wanted to send you a issue ticket but every time when I click the submit button I am singing out from the sytem!