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  1. Widgets Doubts!

    hi the multichart.txt is html file! (i cant upload html here!?) Its working now... !! forgot to copy .swf file :-) Sorry for the trouble ! :-)
  2. Widgets Doubts!

    Hi Please check the multichart.txt (html) It has three div's ... but when i run it it shows only two? (the bullet swf is not being displayed?) MultiChart.txt CostPerDownload.xml Data.xml ProfitPerSale.xml
  3. Widgets Doubts!

    (3) I cannot copy as image in evaluation version? I am currently using free version A: Yes, starting FusionWidgets v3.0.2, you can save images from FusionWidgets itself. Please refer to the following links for the details of "Exporting as Image/PDF". Ref.- Hi, I have gone through most files previously also, but unable to do anything to save them... I think I am stuck at # Create a DIV in your web page which will contain this component. You can place that DIV anywhere in the page, but ideal locations are above/below/side of the chart, as the component shows a button, which when clicked, actually downloads the image/PDF file. -----------> which I have no clue how to create! # Set a few lines of JavaScript code required for initialization and for naming this instance of the component. This code also lets you configure the visual look of the component in your page. -----------> for which I have no clue at all! (almost zero experience with coding or java) i have tried so many settings suggested in other files but I think i am going wrong here... and I have no clue how to get over it exportEnabled= '1' exportAction= 'save' exportShowMenuItem ='1' i have copied the exporter files into this folder also... can u please check!? volume2.xml
  4. Widgets Doubts!

    Hi, I am new to fusion widgets and I am learning to play around with the widgets a little bit... I am currently trying two widgets in which I have a few doubts: (1) Fuel Gauge 2 -- How can I decrease the font of E & F ? (i have renamed them to low and high >> and they look very huge compared to chart) (2) Thermometer Gauge 2 -- How can I highlight two major ticks >> from among the major ticks? (Majorticks are 0 - 25 - 50 - 75 -100 >>> I want to highlight 25 & 75 >> how to change size/font/bold/italic those two ticks without disturbing other ticks?) (3) I cannot copy as image in evaluation version? I am currently using free version (4) I cannot access more than 2 widgets in one page in evaluation version? (multi-charts file show only two widgets although there should be three according to code) (5) are there any offers from you, giving full version to budding entrepreneurs?? Regards,