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  1. I found this tutorial on using Javascript to create a pie graph from a SharePoint List. http://sridharbabuk.blogspot.com/2009/07/fusion-charts-for-sharepoint-list.html Is there a way to change the code to use the Gantt graph, instead of a pie chart?
  2. Hi everyone! I am having trouble finding a solution & now wondering if what it's even possible. I need to display a Gantt Chart (like this example) in a SharePoint Web Part/Dashboard, using a SharePoint List as it's data source. The SharePoint list has three columns: Name, Start Date/Time & End Date/Time. I've come across a few examples of how jQuery is used to achieve this with various FusionCharts, but nothing for FusionWidgets Gantt chart. I am a End User/Site Administrator on the SharePoint site(if that makes any difference) Any advise would be greatly appreciated! -Thank you,