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  1. Hi, I have a multi series 2D Bar with two categories and several datasets. I would like to add a gap between the two bars representing the two categories (seperate the category bars). Similar to what plotSpacePercent does but instead of adding a gap between the datasets I'd like to create a gap between the category bars in each dataset. Here is an Excel example that I would like to be able to render in FusionCharts: Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  2. Exporting charts

    Hi Basundhara, any feedback? Thanks!
  3. How to display a lable on vLine

    Thanks for the reply. < vLine label='myLabel' labelPosition='1' /> is exactly what I have been trying. Also noted that in my original post, however it is not working. I get the vLine but I don't get the label. Does it have to do with the version of FC I am using? Do I need to adjust any other settings or add any other pieces of codes in other tags? Thanks
  4. How to display a lable on vLine

    Thanks for your effort. However, this is not what I am after. Apologies if I was not more specific. See the example below (from FC docs). The horizental Trend line (Target) is exactly what I am looking for in my Line chart, however, in vertical format. Here is what I would like to have as a result: Is this possible? Thank you!
  5. Exporting charts

    Hi, I followed the instructions provided on http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/?/ECClientMultiple.html and attempted a start with the simple example. I created a test.html and a SimpleExample.xml files (see attached - renamed test.html to test.txt so I can upload to post) and placed them in the same folder along with: - FusionCharts.js, - FusionChartsExportComponent.js, and - FCExporter.swf However the result is the following: The export components does not seem to be active. (The save as option on right-click is not available either) What else am I missing? Thank you for your help. test.txt SimpleExample.xml
  6. Exporting charts

    wow, awesome. Thanks for the comprehensive feedback. I'll review all of this and I am sure I'll get something useful out of it. cheers
  7. Exporting charts

    Hello, can anyone please point me to an example or a help page that demonstrates how to properly export charts to PDF or an image? What I am doing right now is take a screen capture of the chart and crop it as needed. The quality of the chart (colors) from the screen capture is not good. I read a few posts re this subject but it is not really intuitive. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  8. How to display a lable on vLine

    Thanks for the reply, Sanjukta. Attached is the XML file. Please note that I pull the data from MySQL with PHP. The actual xml file that PHP generates has over 350 lines. For simplicity I removed most of the lines and left enough to demonstrate what I have. Your feedback is much appreciated. lineChart_with_vLines.xml
  9. Hello, maybe a simple question but I cannot find an answer for it. I searched the forum and found similar topics but none does really address my request. I have a Line Chart and in it I added 4 vLines (see attached). I would like to be able to display a label to each of the vLines. I tried the following insdie the vLine tag: labelpostion='1' label='MyLabel' but nothing shows up on the Chart Can anyone please help. Thank you.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I figured it out, it was as I suspected just the order of logic statements; the FusionCharts elements and files were all there and accessible. I dug deep into my code and finally figured it out. works like a charm now. cheers
  11. Hello, In one Mysql table I have a column that lists the names of all of my target tables that I would like to draw a chart for. I start off with reading the column of tables, then do another SELECT statement to open each of these tables individually and draw a Line chart for each one. The result that I am getting is one chart that shows correct data for one table only. In fact for the last table in the list. For all other tables I only get the word "Chart." displayed. I am stuck. I think, it is most likely that I have the wrong order of statements in my two fetch_array loops but I cannot seem to figure it out. Hoping someone here can review my PHP code and help me identify the problem. Here is my code: <?php $qry1="SELECT allTables FROM MyTables"; $res1=mysql_query($qry1) or die(mysql_error()); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($res1)) { $table = $row['allTables']; $strXML = ""; $qry2 ="SELECT * FROM $table"; $res2 = mysql_query($qry2) or die(mysql_error()); while ($row2= mysql_fetch_array($res2)) { $status = $row2['status']; $Date = $row2['Date']; $strXML .= ""; } $strXML .= ""; echo renderChart("Line.swf", "", $strXML, "Status Data", 500, 350, false, false); echo ""; } ?> Thank you, yasso P.S. The $strXML variable is not showing up properly in the post. I have them populated with the right info, chart caption and set label & value. They are present when I'm editing the post but in the preview and final post you only see an empty $strXML variable assignment. I am not sure why, this is my first post ever in this Forum.