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  1. Hi, I am using the enterprise version of Fusion Charts and currently upgrading to the newer version for iPhone/iPad support. I am having a problem with the line color and the anchor color of the scroll line charts. When I open the chart on iPhone, I see a blue line with white anchors even though the line color and the anchor color are specified as black in the XML. It displays the chart with proper line color on my desktop. Please Help. You can view the sample graph on this link: My link Thanks.
  2. Hi, I am trying to create a chart similar to the one attached. Basically I am trying to have time on the x-axis and a series of strings on the y-axis. I am getting an error "no data to display" when i tried to configure a normal Line chart to do this. Please Help. My XML would look like this: categories category label='10 AM' category label='11 AM' category label='12 AM' category label='1 PM' category label='2 PM' category label='3 PM' /categories dataset set value='Off-Duty' set value='Off-Duty' set value='Off-Duty' set value='Driving' set value='Driving' set value='Off-Duty' /dataset thanks, ravur
  3. Hi, I can see form the Line chart XML API that the labelStep could be used to skip every n(th) X-axis label in the chart. Is there an option to display every n(th) label. If there is less data i would like to display all labels but if there is too much data to display i would like to show only every 10th or 20th label. Thanks.
  4. Hi, As you can see in the attached image. I have two separate line charts one below the other. Both these charts have the same categories in the x-axis. Is it possible to have one common scroll bar for both these charts so that i can scroll to a date and compare the data in both the charts on that date. Thanks.