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  1. .net Version

    Hi, I see that you have released a sharepoint version, do you have any plans to release a version for visual studio .net? Thanks Sanjay
  2. Chart Widths

    Hi, Is it possible to set the charts width to a percent rather than a pixel width, and then also update if the user resizes their browser? I would like to use the charts on both the iPAD and desktop. Thanks
  3. Xml File Format

    Hi, I have an XML file in the following format, is it possible to use this as the datasource for Column3D chart, or does ths need to be in a certain format? <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <OutputInfo> <record> <services>Type 1</services> <complete>21 </complete> <remaining>60 </remaining> </record> <record> <services>Type 3</services> <complete>10 </complete> <remaining>40 </remaining> </record> <record> <services>Type 4</services> <complete>20 </complete> <remaining>80 </remaining> </record> <record> <services>Type 5</services> <complete>30 </complete> <remaining>70 </remaining> </record> </OutputInfo> Thanks,
  4. Xml File Format

    Thanks Swarnam, I've changed the XML file to the correct format and this works.
  5. Hi, 2 questions, I am using the ScrollLine2D chart: is it possible to add text to the background even at the top? I am using dates as my x-series from an xml file in the form of : <record> <date>10/06/10</date> <target>0 </target> <actual>0 </actual> <ta>0 </ta> <aa>0 </aa> <tb>0 </tb> <ab>0 </ab> </record> <record> <date>17/06/10</date> <target>11 </target> <actual>0 </actual> <ta>11 </ta> <aa>0 </aa> <tb>0 </tb> <ab>0 </ab> </record> <record> <date>24/06/10</date> <target>18 </target> <actual>0 </actual> <ta>18 </ta> <aa>0 </aa> <tb>0 </tb>............. Is it possible to hightlight (a vertical line) showing todays date? Thanks, Sanjay
  6. Bar Width on a Combi3D

    Hi, I am using a MSCombi3D chart, is t possible to control the bar widths such as maxColWidth='5' ? Thanks
  7. Hi, Not sure if this is possible but is it possible, I have a guage the lower limit is 'bad' upper 'good' with the values goign from -50 to 50, is it possible just to display the lower/upper limit text and dial value but not the values from -50 to 50? Thanks
  8. Bar Width on a Combi3D

    Basundhara, Thanks not a problem. Regards,
  9. Sanjukta, not quite what I needed but good enough - thanks!
  10. Pie Chart

    Hi, I have a 3D pie chart, but I've noticed that the 3D pie is missing the FCTime - is there an update I'm missing? Thanks!
  11. Pie Charts - Hide labels

    Hi, I have tried to hide the labels on a pie chart but cannot get this to work: Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Pie Charts - Hide labels

    Yes thats perfect thanks again!
  13. Pie Charts - Hide labels

    Thanks I tried that but the values displays: I would like to only show the information when the user mouseover the relevant segment. Thanks