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  1. Render chart in New window

    Hi Basundhara, Thanks for your sample code. But still the sample code is good to display the chart with new dimensions in a different div from the same page. chart2.render("chartdiv2"); Here render refers to div "chartdiv2" from the same page. I would like to open up a new window and display the chart in the new window. Awaiting your valuable reply. Thanks, Suresh Arumugam
  2. Render chart in New window

    Hi Sanjukta, Thanks for your reply. I read about drilldown charts. I guess drilldown will not work for my requirement. Let me explain my problem in detail. I have a chart rendered in a page and I have an image in the same page (say below/above the chart) but not anywhere inside the chart area. On clicking the image, I need to display same chart with double the height and width in new window. As for as I read (or) understand, chart is rendered in a div of the same page. Is there any possibility to render the chart in a new window on clicking an image? Thanks, Suresh Arumugam
  3. Render chart in New window

    Hi, On clicking image/link, I need to render/display the chart in a new window instead of rendering in same page where the image is. Please suggest for implementing this. Thanks, Suresh Arumugam
  4. Problem in changing file name of exported chart

    Hi Basundhara, When I change the default file name from "FusionCharts" to "MyChart" in Save As dialogue box, the file is saved with filetype as .File (ie MyChart.File). Please advise on this.
  5. Problem in changing file name of exported chart

    Hi, Please find XML code below. <chart palette='3' caption='Exception Analysis' xAxisName='EXCEPTION_TYPE' yAxisName='TRADE_COUNT' showValues='1' formatNumberScale='0' showBorder='1'exportEnabled='1' exportAtClient='1' exportHandler='fcExporter1' ><set label='DK' value='30' /><set label='DWK' value='36' /><set label='DISCREPANCY' value='26' /><set label='AWVL' value='28' /><set label='OR' value='22' /><set label='OD' value='34' /><set label='MISC' value='27' /><styles> <definition> <style name='myBevel' type='Bevel'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='Background' styles='myBevel' /></application> </styles></chart>
  6. Hi, I am trying to export fusion charts using client side export method. Export is working fine and I could able to save chart as PDF/JPG/PNG as long as file name is "FusionCharts" (default file name) But If I try to change the file name (say "FusionCharts1" or "FusionCharts1.pdf") in Save As dialogue box, Chart is not getting saved with expected file type and saved file is not getting opened. Any suggestion/ help is highly appreciated.