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  1. I'm sorry Sanjukta but I resolved this issue. It was a coding error that was causing the debug to not work properly. Once I was able to run debug I found my problem and now all is working well. Thanks again for your help. Patty
  2. Hi Rajroop, Yes that worked, thank you. However, I am experiencing a couple of issues with this chart and I'm trying to debug it. I've used many of the charts so far and this is the first one that I've had to use the debug feature. It does not seem to be working for this chart. The debug information flashes on the screen but is immediately replaced with either the chart (if it's working) or the text "No data to Display". I noticed on the other charts that the chart is rendered behind the debug information but that is not the case on this one. Is there a more recent swf for this chart that may have this issue fixed? Patty
  3. http://www.fusioncharts.com/widgets/docs/In the section under Bullet Graphs -> Creating a simple graph there is sample XML and the following text Here, we've Defined the color range (numerical value for qualitative ranges) for the chart under <colorRange> element. Each range value has its own exclusive minValue and maxValue and also a color code.
  4. The documentation for Bullet Graphs indicates that you can specify a color for each color item in the ColorRange, i.e., the following XML is given as an example: <chart lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='100' caption='Revenue' subcaption='US $ (1,000s)' numberPrefix='$' numberSuffix='K' showValue='1' > <colorRange> <color minValue='0' maxValue='50' color='A6A6A6'/> <color minValue='50' maxValue='75' color='CCCCCC'/> <color minValue='75' maxValue='100' color='E1E1E1'/> </colorRange> <value>78.9</value> <target>80</target> </chart> However, modifying the color attribute for a color item in the ColorRange does not have any affect on the chart colors. Is this a bug in the Bullet Graph or a bug in the documentation? Thanks Patty
  5. Is there any way to modify the default toolText on the bullet graph?